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  1. Looks very nice, and just ordered one myself! iWantMore automatically applied a £2.50 discount too! Can't complain!
  2. I've just got a One, and installed and enabled this module, however it doesn't seem to be appearing! I've restarted since enabling too Edit: Screenshots attached
  3. Urgh, I'm still battling with that on my Galaxy Nexus! I can't be bothered to go through and remove it! Really tempted with the One, but I'm worried I'm too used to stock Android - I had a stock ROM on my Desire for 6 months before getting the Galaxy Nexus in November 2011. Maybe I should wait until a vanilla ROM is released....
  4. I don't think I'm gonna flash this. I've lost count of the amount of nandroid restores I've done today. I can only assume it's something up in my device that's causing it. Could it be that I manually installed the 4.2 camera a week or so ago using Root Explorer?
  5. No joy, even when unticking the baseband option. Here's the options I chose: http://mdc.jamesharland.com/view/50a4eafabac23
  6. I did try another fresh download. Will try another one without the baseband. I wipe cache/dalvik cache as a matter of course anyway. If that doesn't work I'll hold fire for a while!
  7. I'm still getting the bootloop when updating from Jr7. The only option I added really was the new baseband. Video of what's happening: (Ignore the office background chatter!)
  8. I might give it another go in a bit, depending on how adventurous I'm feeling!
  9. The difference to you guys was I was stuck in bootloops on 4.2, so reverting is a must in my case! :)
  10. I found the same thing, so I'm doing a nandroid restore instead. Will let you know how it goes.
  11. If anyone wants to do a nandroid restore (assuming you backed up) you'll need to follow these instructions to access them: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=34114700&postcount=1
  12. If I revert to Jr7 (I still have that zip on my SD) will that revert the odd file structure I'm seeing in CWM? I really don't fancy losing the ~10GB of data in there! Edit: If that's the case, then will reverting fix the multiuser "0/" folder?
  13. OK, I don't know what's happened with mine, but this is what I see in CWM when I choose "Choose ZIP from SD Card": Luckily, all my SD card data is in the "0/" folder, but I'm not sure how it's ended up looking like that.
  14. I couldn't even get that far, I get to the lockscreen (which is saying all sorts of different things for the operator - Orange, then No signal, then no SIM card) and it reboots (well, back to the X animation) Oddly, it used to say 'EE', and I'm on T-Mobile.
  15. I haven't wiped since Jr2 and I'm yet to run into problems. I won't be wiping with this one either (that sounds wrong!) but I wouldn't have thought it would be a problem
  16. Woo! Just baked :) One quickie though: How come the legacy menu options are greyed out? And the CM style T9 dialler?
  17. 12px is nowhere near 14pt! Edit: Just read that the 14pt bit only applies to the ad in the paper. I'll go away now :)
  18. Why do people insist on naming features after a resolution? "HD Traffic"?! Pretty underwhelmed to be honest, the decision to use such low resolutions is very shortsighted. Will definitely be sticking to Co-Pilot!
  19. I upgraded straight from Ir12 without any problems :unsure: Thanks for all the work you've put in today Paul :) finally re-upgraded my Modaco account to use the Kitchen :)
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