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  1. I tried everything on VISTA and WINDOWS 7... but to be honest? it works only (for me) with windows XP.
  2. No... i used Mobile Shell... but not anymore.... just standard Windows Today without Samsung gadget
  3. As i posted above... i have no problems with RAM... i can do multitasking. and WinMo never shuted down my apps....
  4. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...louvre-testers/ and i have some articel in Dutch..... http://tweakers.net/nieuws/64062/gebruiker...-naar-1ghz.html you can try google translator:)
  5. Do you get Timeout?? Cous i have the same problem. I called my provider and they seems to block streaming (youtube). But you can try downloading youtube app from http://m.google.com couse its working... in my case;)
  6. But cooking:):) Omnia 2 can be overclocked to 1Ghz proc. without any dmg. :) overclocking and cooking and you hgot a nice phone:)
  7. Widnwos 6.6 AKA windows 7 Omnia I8000 wont get update to windows 7 as far as i know. But i`m wondering will it be possible to upgrade it buy buying WinMo 7
  8. You can not disable Samsung UI in WinMo 6.5 I run standard WinMo today screen (no SPB shell) after softrestart i have 85 mb of ram.... but... GPSgate, Palringo starts with the system.... (sartup list) I do not complain over memory leak... but I just want to know, why 50% of memory is reserved But i would be happy to install CLEAN WinMo ROM with out Samsung UI and Apps... so i can install softweare that i want
  9. Omnia 2 can become really hot while connected with USB or charging.... But not that hot. I think you schould wait... if it heapens again.... Warrianty... Maeby a benchamark (i think you can do it with CorePlayer but not sure) while recharging to test several chargers and batteries??
  10. flashing solved the issue.... WIFI is working. THX anyway
  11. i wanted to use it:):) I KNOW I`m NOOB.... but i installed game. When i started that game got error that i need to install new version of .NET, that (i think) you should do with Windows Update. Of course i can search on XDA dev. and on Internet.... but when you van easley press the button on your phone, wait and you have it... thats easy, isn`t it??
  12. hahah:) it sux.... i will try to reinstall ROM.... and will post if it solves the problem, when not i will send it to SAMSUNG
  13. OK. thank you. Modaco is much faster with replys than SAMSUNG SUPPORT CENTER:):):) any ideas when will it work??
  14. I tryied to update my windows mobile. I go to settings --> system --> Windows Update But it does not connect. I get Timeout... Am I the only one with that issue? I have sent mail to Samsung with that issue and i have sent email with question over: 50% of RAM reserved for what, when i will get some answers will post it
  15. Only solution?? I just got it back (screen dead) it takes 4 weeks.... but ok.
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