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  1. Samlock

    Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    Sadly it's not as simple as that - plenty of us tried manually flashing and it still didn't work :)
  2. Samlock

    Charging bug?

    Tried a different charger? I've had issues like this with cheaper USB leads, it's a possibility I guess?
  3. Samlock

    Gaming and controllers

    Apart from not being officially supported (needs side-loading) it runs alright with the res turned down.
  4. Samlock

    Android 4.4 out for moto g

    Already posted mate, but still... Good news
  5. Samlock

    Gaming and controllers

    That is... Epic. Love it! :D Gonna go dig around in the office now... The joys of working in IT! :D
  6. Samlock

    Gaming and controllers

    So chaps - who has had a chance to test some games on this device yet? I've played a few games so far, the "biggest" being Modern Combat 4 which strangely runs smoother on this than my Galaxy Note and Moto Xoom! Have been looking at various Android controllers on the market to use my phone as a replacement for my 3DS which I had to sell to pay for Christmas (boo :( )... Has anyone got a Moga controller? Wondering if the G will fit into it nicely. With the Note, I glued the back of a flip case onto a PS3 keyboard attachment and hooked up a PS3 controller through Bluetooth which worked quite nicely, but I'd prefer a cleaner solution for the G - especially with San Andreas being released today! :) Cheers all
  7. Samlock

    Moto G £99 / £129 from Tesco

    If they're ever back in stock on Tesco, this thread at HUKD has a few discount codes that might work :) I used a £10 off first order code for mine :D
  8. Samlock

    Unable to install APKs on device?

    Still doesn't work for me... Ah well, I don't mind adb install method :)
  9. Samlock

    Power button rattle

    First thing I noticed? Yes. Do I care? No. I paid £120 for a quad core Android handset with 4.3, upgrade to 4.4 incoming... A wobbly button is the least of my worries :)
  10. Samlock

    Unable to install APKs on device?

    How would you define a "hard reset"? Done various things with mine but not getting very far...!
  11. Samlock

    Unable to install APKs on device?

    Yep, same problem here. Installing from ADB works fine, can't install from any file manager on the device. Parsing failed when parsing the manifest or something along those lines.
  12. Samlock

    Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    Very odd - the a1Pha one worked for me, 16GB Tesco UK one... I am now unable to install APKs, though... Frustrating! :P
  13. Got my unlock code after about 10 minutes, worked fine for me :) Tesco UK 16GB handset
  14. Samlock

    Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    Success! 16GB Tesco UK Moto G - unlocked with Ebay code, flashed stock UK ROM then unlocked bootloader, numerous failed attempts with the img from the original post... Using the custom img Paul did for a1Pha in this post, it WORKED! Would hold off using that img until Paul confirms it won't break anyone elses device, I just took a shot and hoped for the best. Thanks :)
  15. Samlock

    Root your Moto G - option 1: Superboot

    Tried on another PC, still no luck :( I miss Titanium Backup! :P

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