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  1. Hi! I'd like to present my new freeware game for QVGA Pocket PC: Pocket Rack-O A classic card game from Parkers Brothers Pocket PC, WM2003, WM5, WM6 QVGA (240x320, 320x240) .NET CF 2.0 Please follow the link for additonal info and downloads: http://programaro.ru/pocket_racko.html
  2. do you have wm 2003 on your device?
  3. Here goes fan game based on the Pazaak mini-game from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Pre-release version. Features: Design based on the original game Multilanguage: English, Esperanto, Russian KOtoR 1/2 rules Requirements: Pocket PC WM 2003, WM 5, WM 6 QVGA 240x320 .NET CF 2.0 Have fun! :D Feedback quite appreciated.. PocketPazaak_v.0.9_240x320.zip
  4. Ludo is a simplified version of the game. Pocket Pachisi is an analogue of Parcheesi game from Hoyle Board Games.. it will not unfortunately, only 240x320 supported
  5. How to Play Pachisi Players move their pieces out of their starting area, take one trip around the track, and head up the middle toward home. The player with the lowest roll of one die goes first (ties are broken with another roll). A piece can't leave the starting area until a five is thrown, either on a single die, or as combination of both dice. When you roll a five, move your piece to the black square with the dot in your color (your entry space). After the piece is on this space, you can then use other rolls to move it. If you don't want to use one of the die values in a given roll, choose Pass. A piece can be bumped back to its starting area if an enemy piece lands on it. You can't bump a piece that occupies a safety space (a black space), except in the case of entering your own entry space from your starting area. Two pieces on the same space form a blockade. No pieces can move past the blockade (not even pieces of the same color). You cannot use a doubles roll to advance a blockade to a new space. No more than two pieces can occupy a space at the same time. When you roll doubles, you get another roll. In one game variation, if you roll doubles three times in a row your piece closest to home is sent back to the starting area. When you get near home, use the middle row of squares (the "home stretch") to go to the final home square. You must roll the exact number needed to get to the home square. Tip You have the option of bypassing your home stretch and making an additional circuit around the board. You might want to use this tactic to bump the piece of another player who might be in the lead or on the verge of winning. When you get a piece home, you get a 10 space bonus, which means you can move any combination of your pieces 10 spaces. When you bump someone, you get a 20 space bonus, which means you can move one of your pieces 20 spaces. If you cannot or choose not to use a bonus on the present turn, you lose it. The first player to bring all four pieces home is the winner. After one player wins, you have the option to have other players continue playing the game.
  6. My new game for Pocket PC Adaptation of Indian game Pachisi aka Parcheesi. Updated 26.04.2008 You can download newer versions on the official support site - http://programaro.ru v. 1.1 for Pocket PC 240x230 Requires .NET CF 2.0 Updated 29.02.08 v. 1.1 + draw round + stability - bug fixes Features * 3-level AI * Multilanguage (English, Esperanto, Russian) * Progress auto-save Description: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parcheesi Official page: http://programaro.ru I'd appreciate your feedback :) PocketPachisi_v.1.1_240x320.zip
  7. it's now available for download :D thanks again for your help!
  8. hi Sil51, glad to see you again! :) happy merry christmas and new year for you too! i've replaced all graphics with the new one (ported from pc version of mille) which is much better and have no text. now only menu text need to be translated, i'd like you to translate the last version to french, i'll send you the last version to pm little bit later :D you should install QVGA 1.0
  9. Hi, all! A little question I'd like to have your opinion about. The problem is that sometime it's more comfortable to design a game in landscape mode 320x240 rather than portrait 240x320. So I have an idea to programmicaly change the screen orientation to landscape on startup and change it back to original on exit. How do you feel about that?
  10. uploaded QVGA version, have fun! let me know about any issues
  11. the game version in this topic only for smartphone devices, you can find verion for PocketPC both QVGA and VGA on that topic IMHO the 1000 miles limit is too short for original 4-players game.. If you really need that option, I can add it in some future release ;)
  12. ok, guys, i'm very sorry for the mess - i must've been mistakenly uploaded wrong versions both times.. ;) reuploaded, tested :D cheers! have fun!
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