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  1. I have the same problem too. I went back to samsungimeiunlockers.com who told me that this is a problem with the galaxy nexus. It doesn't permanently unlock and you will keep ending up having to put the unlock code in, again and again! WTF Samsung!
  2. Can't believe this "manufacturer" doesn't know how to spell!! Can't believe they are using Google docs, unless it's Android, in which case they dont need this survey
  3. i can't believe no one has replied... has anyone actually managed to get their galaxy nexus unlocked?
  4. Hey all, I have been trying since Saturday to get my newly purchased Galaxy Nexus unlocked :'( I bought it from eBay and it is locked to o2. I did some googling and found samsungimeiunlock.com. I paid them for an unlock code that was promised from between 15 mins - 6hours on Saturday afternoon. It is now Tues morning and still have no code and they keep telling me that everyone will have the same problem giving me an unlock code as it's Chinese New Year.. Does anyone know anything about that? or can anyone confirm they have used someone else successfully. As i'm sure you can imagine it's sooo frustrating having this baby lying around all weekend and now for 2 days and not being able to get my sim working. Thanks for your time and help all :)
  5. Did you manage to sort this out? I have the exact same problem but know for a fact it's a 3G area as i have 5 bars with 3G on all the other o2 phones in the house ( 4 of them! ) Did it come down to it being your SIM?
  6. text monthweb to 441 for 30 days Internet ;) stupid that I had to shout at someone at uk head office to find that out
  7. Hello Complete Newbie here had pulse for about 24 hours, Couldn't resist tinkering so last night I successfully installed this ROM thanks to Nikki Locke's instructions so.... thanks Nikki anyways one thing I have noticed in when I go to android marketplace and search for an app on the HTC hero i can press the menu button to show preferences such as only show free or only show paid for example. Why is that not possible on the pulse? Do HTC have their own version of the marketplace?? Also has anyone made any progress on multi touch with this device as that really does let it down a little. But overall very pleased with my pulse and also the modaco community, I hope you guys can provide me some links to get up 2 speed with the Android OS and tinkering ;)
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