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  1. Dear contable, I've moved over to the HD2, but wanted to say thanks for all the hard work for your plugin. Really made the O2 much more friendly. All the best in your future developments. James
  2. Just an update to the above, I've picked up a HD2 and am testing it atm. Will update with comments and comparisons if anyone is interested.
  3. Over 250 Mb. I'm running a clean ROM, with the 576 Mb tweak and it has 300 Mb free on boot with Sense enabled. Much better than the O2!
  4. Sure you can have 8 programmes running, but only a couple of those can be substantial. For example, try running Jumba (a nice-looking, but straightforward game) with anything else open. Try running SPB with Elegance and browsing much with Opera 10. Sure, if you turn off today or have few other services running, you can do a fair amount. But if you want to customise, it's painful!
  5. Ginkage, thanks for all your hard work. Seems much faster in Tower Defence 1.3 now!
  6. Disable the skinned apps for email (1) and sms (2) and enable threading message (3) [using tmail.exe]. You will need to change 3 registry entry: 1) HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\MsgTypes\IPM\Note\DLL change the value from emform.dll to htmlnote.dll (in current firmware IJ6 this is already set) 2) HKCU\Sofware\Microsoft\Inbox\MsgTypes\IPM\SMStext\DLL change the value from mms.dll to htmlnote.dll 3) HKCU\Sofware\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\OEM\SMSInboxThreadingDisabled change the value from 1 to 0 There are a couple of side effects to this though. 1) No name-type-ahead for the SMSes that you compose via tmail. You have to select the recipients from the address book. (This could be fixed if you disable T9 and enable the WinMo text prediction, read the Inputing section) 2) You're not able to MMS. From http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...d-programs-faq/
  7. Does anyone else have a bug with messaging? If the phone has been on for a while, if I try to message someone using the wm sms, I cannot add any recipients, and I select the contact first their number is not added. Quite an annoying bug!
  8. @xaznxplaya I'm using JB1 too, but noticed it since I first got the phone, at least to some extent.
  9. I have to say I'm not thrilled with it either. Specs seem good, but its actually not that fast, and RAM is definitely an issue. It has a few annoying bugs, takes a few secs to start ringing, and vibrates after you have answered. Finally WM is just not as friendly as the Android/IPhone alternatives. Just my 2p.
  10. I just wanted to post some screenshots from this ROM, memory management is fantastic. I boot up with 82 Mb free RAM, settles to 75 Mb and even after browsing with Opera Mobile (10b3), news etc, opening mail etc still have 60 Mb free on closure for day-to-day use. Some screenshots below, but I can truly multitask with this ROM. I have had touchplayer, opera, RSS reader, word, email, all open at the same time. Better still, NDrive, Opera with news, RSS etc, see for yourself below! I have noticed that NK.exe seems to be using no memory, this may well have something to do with it. Not sure! If someone else can look at processes in SKTools and get back to me if NK.exe is using memory, may help. Cheers PS I am running JB1 Phone and CSC, JA5 Eboot and PDA.
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