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  1. gman34

    DM status error

    step 5 is your problem.
  2. I won't be trying his rom's because he can't even spell essential.
  3. gman34

    Google Maps 4.0

    Welcome to the forum! The google maps 4.0 wasn't working properly but the new google maps 4.0.1 is working perfectly. And I don't think it has turn by turn, thats google maps navigation and it's only for android. I believe. But install it yourself just go to m.google.com on your phone.
  4. gman34

    Best UI

    Do you have nothing better to do andrew? in the past month you have brought back a ton of threads that are pointless.
  5. Btw, did you send your original phone back in? or did they send it first and told you to send the other one back?
  6. The phone will be in great condition. Even if it's a used one, I think they replace all the exterior parts like case and screen. But most likely you will get a new one since warranty is almost out for all i910's so they won't be needing them.
  7. First update the rom to a newer version, that version is full of bugs compared to a newer one, if you don't want to upgrade to dc22 then get liorlytes 23551. If you do upgrade all waremike's, kevster and peprom's are great. I suggest that you do that first. Second, do you have the newest version of iphone today? Why don't you try spb mobile shell or pointui home? both have that icon feature to set it to vibrate. If not than I think your mortscript version is out of date, and upgrading to a newer rom would solve this.
  8. gman34

    SKTools, SPB backup or Sprite?

    pim backup is the shiznet. takes forever if you have a lot of messages tho. but it works really well.
  9. ill just go ahead and tell you that you need to replace the digitizer.
  10. I think you should shut up and take your attitude to the android forum.
  11. omg! what a pointless thread!!!! Where is everyones logic!?! this forum used to be so intuitive now it's just full of these douchebags.
  12. gman34

    Create Rom from another

    its just a normal rom stripped with b7300 applications. you can find it in the b7300 applications thread and download all of those programs and use it on your phone.
  13. Maybe you could disassemble the whole phone and check everything. maybe the camera is always on maybe the battery connection is touching something... etc...

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