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  1. Thanks for your reply. Anything I flash from Vol UP + Red button fails exactly at the same place. I've never lost the recovery which has been useful at least to mount USB. I suspect the memory got corrupted. I can install a ROM through recovery but installing GAPPS fails, possibly because it's trying to write where it's corrupted. Installing GAPPS never failed before. Would formatting boot or system help in any way? Many thanks
  2. Hello everyone, I've been a happy user of CM6 on the pulse (U8220) but lately I had a problem with the market - Tweetdeck and Wolfram Alpha disappeared, at least - and I never got around to solve it. Today I tried going back to the T-Mobile UK 2.1 Rom but it failed at around 3/4s. I tried the time machine which worked well but when I tried to install the december update it failed at the same place. The message is "Update failed" with fast blinking LEDs. I've tried many times the same process. Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance
  3. Yeah I got the same. Just made a quick google search and the correct form is rild.libargs=-d /dev/smd0 Notice any difference?
  4. Yes, you were right. Actually, I'm on O2 UK which is supported out of the box. Thanks a lot.
  5. Obrigado AntonioPT. I installed this zip after flashing CM6 0.4 for the first time and I have the following issues: - wifi bug doesn't seem to be fixed; still gets stuck scanning after sleep. - don't seem to be using mobile data, 2g or 3g; whenever wifi is off, every app complains with connection error, etc. - Never got a 3g connection. Otherwise, great job. Many thanks
  6. This thread has been moving forward so quickly that it seems like it has been a long time. (j/k) :)
  7. I've been thinking about upgrading from the Pulse for a while and I was thinking about the HTC Hero PAYG from 3 for £150. Is it worthwhile paying extra £50 for the Hero in comparison to the Blade or the WVGA AMOLED screen make the Blade a better experience? The Hero should have some life left as it supported by CyanogenMod but this early kernel source release makes Blade's future look rather promising.
  8. Great job - works perfectly with me, with no issues at all. I can't seem to install the LiveWallpapers.apk I salvaged from other ROMs through ASTRO. Did anyone have any success installing them? Many thanks, Pedro
  9. Same here on a T-Mobile Pulse UK (U8220) with r7, non-kitchened. The camera works though; it wasn't working with the hungarian update.
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