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  1. HI. You can't change the language on a custom rom.99% of the custom roms are build on english dumps. You can try Shadowangel or NewForce roms(based on pt-br dumps).Just use the search function.
  2. Nope, you won't be able to flash with PC STUDIO. You'll have to do it with octans. KIES or PC STUDIO won't recognize the phone after a custom rom. I mean it will say there is no newer update for your phone.That's because a lame country recognition. IE: Here in Romania latest rom is based on JD3. LOL :). Anyway, you would need to revert back only if you want to send the phone for warranty.
  3. because you need yahoo pro account.unlike gmail, wihch is free(pop3 and smtp),yahoo doesn't allow that.
  4. if i'm not wrong, the driver name is generic. so, don't worry if it says cmda driver for your gsm phone. there are thousands of users who flashed their phones with the help of that driver.:(
  5. the csc has nothing to do with keyboard language...install spb keyboard or any other third party app and you will have qwertz features.
  6. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...at-samfirmware/ This is the latest 6.5.3 rom. If we would believe the roumors....in march we should have a new 6.5.3 rom for omnia 2....and it would be the latest befor samsung officially drops the support for o2.
  7. i think the problem is the build...jj1 is 6.5. jh2 is 6.5.3.... latest 6.5.3 version is JI1...you will need 6.5 cabs... http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...-lite-20100514/ here are the 6.5 cabs. Unfortunately i don;t know how to make cabs from window apps...from the installed ones i made with sktools...
  8. @TheThingx... if i remember correctly...it's secany.
  9. You do realise you are asking the holy graal?:D...if the chefs knew this...i think they would've cooked better roms than samsung and MS :D)...I guess samsung gets only a part of the source code( the part that allows to implement specific settings and drivers) or NONE. We know very well the MS policy. I thik samsung sends the device specs to MS and they code the core for it. If MS would allow acces to the source code,maybe we would have better roms, bug free, stable..etc.Look at android...producers have acces to the code and...they are making better roms.Not by much, it's all marketing my friend. They fix some bugs in a new release,but let other appear, in order to go for the next device. Let's be honest,who would move on from a flawless device?
  10. Trust me my friend, you can change all 3 values. Use a newer version of sktools. I set System and menu bar font to 700 and pop up font to 800.All bold. It's looking great.
  11. guys...again with UL 29007....on wesrom tool it shows 4 mb pagepool, but when i flash it,when i go to settings to check, instead of 163 mb it shows 155. is it a bug or a new lock from samsung? thank you....
  12. With Sk tools you can increase/decrease font size.You have 3 options,System font, menu bar font si pop up font. You find this option in TUNEUP. Go for menu bar font si pop-up.It's easy.
  13. Did you try to set a dark wallpaper on s2u2?In fact, a black one is perfect.Make 2 wallpapers 480x800 and 800x480(for portrait and lanscape) and set them.
  14. guys...asking again...is there anyone who can upload an UL 29007 with 4mb PP? Can we change the PP at all, or is it blocked?
  15. GP is for omnia 1. If you messed up the eboot,you can't do nothing at home. The recovery requires an interface, wich is expensive. Look of user Elco on this forum and he will tell you what you can do.He can fix any phone with damaged boot.
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