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  1. Now ok, but why can't ise marketplace region switcher 1.1? If uses that , the program will quit itself
  2. Sorry can you help me? Marketplace, dosen't work It shown "cannot connect the server" like that THX A LOT~
  3. Hi Which CSS / Eoot file you flashing with?~~? Thx a lot Flast with offical A5 Eboot + CSC choose default Spainsh Eng
  4. Thx Just updated. Found a problem. It can't use market place with any version's cab. (Cannot connect to server both 3g / wifi activesync) Can you fix it? That is very important. Other thing is perfect
  5. hello? how to remove music tab in that sw? I can't find that in setting The music tab is not work
  6. Thx for your hard working!!!! :D Is that included Mobileblog? (FOR UPLOADIND PICTURE TO FB )DIRECTLY)
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