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  1. I have an x1033 Dual SIM, rooted and bootloader unlocked. I have CWM Recovery (actually PhilZ Touch Custom Recovery from here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2639583). I copied a ROM on the phone and tried to update it, but now it seems it is not on the phone, so I am stuck. If I boot to recovery and connect the phone to PC, it is not seen as ADB device, but Android. I guess that means Debugging was not enabled? I don;t know what to do, any solutions would be appreciated. If I could get ADB working I guess I could try uploading a ROM. If the phone had a card slot, nothing like this would not happen....
  2. Seems like there is an issue, although I clear Dalvik cache, cache partition and wipe data/factory reset, all my data is still there. Not sure this is normal, although it kind of makes sense, as otherwise the ROM .zip file would be gone too. But usually when you factory restore an Android phone, all data is gone. I also get a message saying "E:unknown volume for path [/sd-ext]", is that normal? CWM version is I am trying to update ROM to hopefully get rid of this problem: http://www.modaco.com/topic/373540-hardware-issue-no-sound-and-strange-behaviour/ So far it seems like it is not working.
  3. Thank you, really appreciate it! Yes, I have root and CWM on a X1033 Dual Sim 16GB. I installed 4.4.4 optimized form the 1st link. Thank a lot mate
  4. I am on 4.4.2 and trying to update to 4.4.4. Not sure what you mean. Can you give me more details?
  5. Are there any guides? Or maybe a CWM method to do it?
  6. Barclays app also doesn't work on rooted phones. But it also doesn't work on Dual SIM phones! FirstDirect and RBS apps do work on rooted phones (and Dual SIM). In my opinion it is very difficult to imagine someone takes your phone, roots it, installs something to track your logins and returns it to you... Really... the phone is quite personal. Let me play with it. Root is useful. Are there any cases of people loosing money because of a rooted phone? And if yes, how many? Why most banks do not care about this? Do you check if the PC is used using Admin account or Root ???
  7. Though by unlocking the bootloader you lost any warranties. So in a way they offered a good service by not making a fuss about that.
  8. My phone started making a high pitch noise, then no sound. I could say there is a small chance some water got in there (but cannot be sure). But doesn't this phone have 2 speakers, one in the back? Which one is used when you put a call "on speaker"? Restarting sometimes made it work for a few minutes. Not any more. Could it be the speaker? Seems to be very related to software as well as when the sound is not working, no video can be played (This video cannot be played), as if the drivers are missing. I cannot film a movie either. Does this makes sense to anyone? I am thinking about trying to replace the speaker myself (I have no warranty as I unlocked the bootloader) but cannot find any tutorials. I would pay to get it fixed but not sure where to go yet and I do love to get my hands dirty myself. Thanks!
  9. You still helped, thank you ! I forgot to mention that I was using ART. It might interest others, I managed to duplicate the problem on another Moto G (single sim 8gb this time) using ART, with the same 2 apps that gave me problems: FastConnect from Google Play and iReal Pro from Amazon AppStore. iReal Pro caused the same issue, freezing the phone and nothing helped until changed to Dalvik. I heard ART is faster, but obviously I'll keep away from it from now on.
  10. It might not help, but my Moto G freezed. After trying anything and everything, I remembered I switched from Dalvik to ART. Switched back to Dalvik and problems solved. Are you on ART by any chance?
  11. Ok, I selected Yes and rebooted, Android is upgrading appeared on the screen, first 189 apps then after 43 or something it rebooted again (the reboot did not display the warning about the bootloader being unlocked) and then Android is upgrading appeared again on the screen, this time 142 apps. After all finished, nothing changed, it still did the same. In the end, I changed from ART to Dalvik. This seems to have fix the problem! Or maybe just postponed it. Will see in the future. No more ART for me for now.
  12. I don't have experience with the recovery. I do have paid version of ROMTollBox so used that to Boot into recovery. I get a screen saying "CWM-based Recovery v6.0.4.6" I tried wipeing Dalvik first, I got the messages: "E:unknown volume for path [/sd-ext] Dalvik Cache Wiped" Is that normal? Then I selected Reboot and got a message saying "RootAccess possibly lost. Fix?" Is this normal? Should I answer Yes?
  13. My Moto G (16GB Dual SIM) froze while installing an app from Amazon Appstore. As the battery cannot be removed, I kept the power button pressed till it turned off. On restart, I get a message saying "Android is upgrading... Optimising app 1 of 1". My phone is rooted (and bootloader unlocked). Anyone had the same issue and knows what can be done ? This message just sits on the screen, the progress circle freezes, and then I have to keep pressing on Power button till the phone resets again. After this second power up, the phone usually does another reboot by itself (but this time I do not get the warning about the unlocked bootloader) and finally it displays the message again but this time after a few seconds boots normally. Even after this "normal" boot, the phone will reset itself when I try to uninstall an app. Don't understand why when I try to uninstall... Any ideas anyone? To unlock bootloader/root I followed this tutorial: http://www.modaco.com/topic/370636-the-clearest-simplest-up-to-date-rooting-tutorial-ive-found-so-far-works-on-442/ The phone worked fine rooted for more than one month, till this happened. Thank you!
  14. I followed the tutorial on my Dual SIM XT1033, and it worked. Thank you, glossywhite! I do feel the tutorial could be improved, especially the part about rooting, the steps are a bit off. Maybe we should post it here and work on it.
  15. I have a Dual SIM 16GB xt1033, do you think the tutorial will work? Oh, and does it matter I switched to ART before unlocking/rooting?
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