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  1. Got the exact same back light bleed, should be getting a replacement at tesco tomo. Praying it will be okay but not feeling too confident that's for sure!
  2. Hey, sorry for late reply. Unfortunately I don't know much about about the sampling_rate etc, but from what I understand it is the frequency that the cpu load is checked to adjust the clock speed as appropriate (ondemand_governor), so if the clock speed jumps up it should be because something is loading the cpu. As the Pulse has old hardware I guess it makes sense that basic tasks would load the cpu? Not sure what cpu monitoring app you're using but I personally use the latest setCPU for monitoring/checking that kind of stuff. Also as you had the app open that would prob explain why the cpu clock kept jumping up as it was loading the cpu doing it's monitoring. I guess increasing the sampling_rate might reduce how often the clock speed jumps up, but that may also mean a reduction in performance? With regard to my set up, I've never used DT. I use a couple of firerat's scripts (not sure if they will do every thing you would want though?) for apps2sd. And I have a swap partition that is controlled by a script in init.d. Haven't played with the pulse for ages but I basically have a modded rom of what Tom released. Think I deleted some of the default apps so maybe that had an effect? If you can connect your phone via adb maybe do a ls of your /system/app/ directory & paste it up so I can see what I've deleted? I guess there's also the possibility you have a dodgy battery :D The above is also all speculation by the way, I don't have any specific knowledge on the matter at all lol! Sorry, I don't even have access to the pc that has all the source files etc anymore. I'm pretty sure someone posted one somewhere though, as I remember helping him calculate the numbers?
  3. Your battery life problems are most likely related to a certain app you have installed or the settings you have turned on ie gps, bluetooth, 3g etc. I've been running cm6.1 with 710 oc since it was released and battery life is better than what I would expect from a smartphone?
  4. Lol, yea I completely agree & keep meaning to change mine but keep forgetting. Anyway, post #3 of http://forum.cyanogenmod.com/topic/13749-how-to-disable-shutter-sound/ describes best way to disable it...
  5. I've lost my button lights when flashing the GingerFroyo theme so there must be something in the framework-res.apk that effects it. Would love to know what...?
  6. Good eye :P I haven't watched Eastenders since before xmas, & didn't really wana start again until the whole baby swapping story is finished lol!
  7. Found the attachments in 'My Controls' so I'll link the addresses here. They were for 0.3 but I can't remember changing them for 0.4? - 710Mhz - 691Mhz
  8. I don't have it in my notification power bar, so I tested it by holding the red button and selecting Airplane mode from there...
  9. Just tested it & it works fine for me; asks for my pin when turning Airplane mode back off
  10. Your filesystem sizes aren't suitable for the majority of the current roms such as CM6. Your /system is 85mb & /data is 105mb, where as if you were on the official T-mobile Uk 2.1 update then it would be 100mb & 90mb. I have no idea if the UK 2.1 or any other 2.1 for that matter would work on your phone so I can't advise it, hopefully someone who has the exact same model can share there experiences...
  11. I'm on 0.3 using the paid version of Vignette & I just took about 11 photos. I also opened the stock camera app during testing & took 1 photo, which did not effect the continuous usage of Vignette.. weird the free version doesn't work (confirmed by twrock) :P
  12. Yep same here with Vignette. I think the only time I had problems with other camera apps is if I opened the stock one previously, but not sure on that... ps: I'm talking about 0.3, gona try 0.4 out later today :P
  13. If you have Amon RA recovery first try using the option that is something like 'fix uid mismatches'. There may be something similar in Clockwork but I'm not sure, just look for something to do with fixing permissions. Also wipe dalvik-cache at same time. Worth a try anyway, good luck...
  14. Nice work, looking forward to the update :P
  15. I believe the one I uploaded was from the Hero RC1 6.1.0 release, so quite old compared to recent nightly builds I imagine...
  16. For documentation on SetCPU features check here B)
  17. starkos


    The Pulse has never been truly oc'd to 780Mhz. The early releases that showed 780Mhz in SetCPU were in fact just 528Mhz, hence why there was zero benchmark/performance improvements reported at the time.
  18. He didn't lol! That is from when the overclocking first started & he hadn't yet added the code to show the actual clock speed, so every thing above 528Mhz was reported as 528Mhz :rolleyes:
  19. As suriya83 worked out, you need to edit the qwerty.kl file by adding WAKE_DROPPED to both of the VOLUME_UP & VOLUME_DOWN lines. This means when the screen is off you will be able to change volume with a single press & change track by holding either buttons. With regards to the camera button I'm not sure, soz :rolleyes:
  20. I couldn't care less about any legal issues regarding Google & I agree that we would probably never hear anything about it! My issue is that we are disrespecting the rules/policies of CyanogenMod, & considering Tom G was considering to try & make us 'official' it's not really a smart idea is it.
  21. It's completely different. Most roms (such as previous Pulse roms) are basically modifications of the phone manufacture's software/firmware releases whereby the manufacture has a licence to include the Google apps. The CyanogenMod is built completely from source & therefore do not have the license to include them. I believe (think) that in the past Google actually contacted Cyanogen and requested that the Google apps be removed from their packaged roms & consequently started supplying them as a separate release/package. This is how I understand the situation, I could be completely wrong & would be grateful if a more knowledgeable person on the matter could correct/elaborate this further :rolleyes: Edit: Whilst typing twrock confirmed part of it above lol
  22. Basically you want low-res 2.2/Froyo, which isn't on that page. For the default skin try THIS To make your own skin, register & use THIS
  23. Was thinking the same thing, especially as it's using the 'CyanogenMod' name. I don't really know, so it's hard to say but I don't think they would be too happy if they came across this? Anyone know any specific info in relation to this, as this will make things easier for quite a few people?
  24. I would try the fixing apk uid mismatches in AmonRA (think there's something in clockwork/rom manager too?), I believe this is a common fix for when apps start force closing. As others said above I would also wipe dalvik cache & use the repair sd ext option in AmonRA as well...
  25. Ahh that would explain it then, it's on 2.0.4 now :rolleyes: You can get the latest version from the xda thread HERE (you may have to register to dl attachments but only takes a min)
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