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  1. Beautiful work. Will be trying this in a bit on my Windows-upgraded Blade. --edit Excellent. Worked perfectly. Thanks to all of you!
  2. Yeah - HTML should be at the bottom. --edit Have you tried another browser?
  3. To actually answer the question at hand - Android doesn't like 802.1x networks. It will go through the initial authentication, but doesn't know how to do the second phase. Hence, it fails, and retries in a loop. I didn't find a solution last time I searched. --edit According to the Android bug tracker here: https://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=8804#c36 the fix was rolled into 2.3, so the first post was absolutely correct. Battery life "may" be worse, but at least wifi is better.
  4. Yes No. No, it's not. It's still in development, and so could have a bug that would phone your mother and call her bad names.
  5. I just updated to the beta2.5 last night... and now I have beta3 to play with. This is properly awesome.
  6. Do a search for Cyanogenmod. This is a beta. It is beta. It is not for normal everyday use. It is not finished. For most people there are no benefits of using this ROM. Seriously. If you have to ask, don't use it. You'll only either break your phone, or find something doesn't work fully, or crashes, or deletes all your email, or makes the touchscreen crack, or kills all the kittens in your local town.
  7. Loving CM7... yeah, it's as flaky and everything, and Wifi won't connect to my network and get an address from DHCP, but it's lovely. White screen fix should make it just about usable enough for me. :P --edit So I flashed again after (finding the option and) formatting /system. Wifi gets an address via DHCP. Good stuff.
  8. I've had this before and not with just one ROM (Hero on various ROMs, Blade with various including FLB r6 and JJ RLS1-8). I thought I was just being stupid, but I have had email apparently vanish, and not just from the phone. If I check the web interface after an email disappears it's also gone from Gmail proper - I have no idea what could cause this, and I haven't been able to work out exactly when it happens - it just happens.
  9. If you extract GingerbreadKeyboard.apk from one of kallt_kaffe's ROMs you can include that, or install after the fact.
  10. This seems to be fixed on my Blade with JJ RLS4; I'm just nandroiding to try r5a with a2sd now. :unsure:
  11. I don't know. Every thread that talks about 2.2 mentions how much better it is than 2.1. How about you try one and find out? Seriously, I've been running 2.2 since Flibble's Froyo r2 or r3 (the pre-alpha versions) and even those versions kicked 2.1 so very hard. Currently running Jellyfish rls4 and it's awesome - wifi works correctly (as do other intent calls, e.g. IMAP IDLE in K9 mail) and SetCPU clocks correctly.
  12. I added in some extra notifications from Cronos 1.7.2 for the Hero (contain extras like Zing and Vector) as I have done for all other Blade ROMs. These are MP3 files, the standard notifications are OGG. When I select the MP3 notifications in sound settings they won't play! This is the first ROM that's done this. --edit Perhaps I should do a wipe, no MP3 files play! --edit 2 Weird. It's started working of its own accord...
  13. You can also flash the framework from another 2.2 ROM. I used a framework from a 2.2.1 Hero ROM (Cronos 1.7.2); very quick. But no radio. So a little pointless.
  14. It should not be difficult to get the screen the right way up. There will be a flag for the screen's default orientation; remember that you can rotate the screen 180 degrees on CM6 (and any other ROMs that have unlocked that particular orientation). If nothing else it will be a matter of overriding the orientation sensor.
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