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  1. After flashing CM9, my LiquidE now thinks it is an A1 (shows in settings and when plugged into USB says it is looking for A1). Mobile internet is not working and camera just flashes a very blurry picture (or blank) and takes a very poor picture. Also because the phone now thinks it is an A1, I do not have the drivers to be able to reload malez/liquid next. Any suggestions? Update - Copied liquidnext to sdcard and then flashed back (phew). Phone is back to 'normal' and in settings the Model number says Liquid (not A1). Now I can access the phone via usb without problems :)
  2. Same as above - problem with Aborted messages. I did read :- Here you can find my custom recovery wich works with both liquid 1.6 and liquid E 2.1 rom. If you have a Acer Liquid E Ferrari Edition, use the specific recovery The recovery images will not work on factory AAP, CSL or FET devices untill you do a full flash An updgrade via acer download tools is needed. You will have to flash to an EMEA rom (thanks to Nova2.1 for his help) Just received the phone yesterday and it is APN Version 1.61 Product SKU EMEA-GEN1 Device info version 2.1 Model ID LiquidE This is EMEA however version 1.61 so what do I need to do? I do not recognise 'acer download tools' - is this something that needs to be installed? Thanks Update - I went to the Acer website and downloaded their version 2.2 and installed. Did not like their default UI and quickly decided to upgrade to LiquidNext. I did need to re-install malez, and then wipe worked and the upgrade went without problems :)
  3. Yes I am using Sebastian404's rom It is working perfectly. For me this suggests that the problem is not associated with the router. The wifi sleep policy is set to turn off when screen turns off. When turning on via the front switch, I do not see any change in the status bar - the wifi icon is always there and does not re-appear which I would have expected. Dont know if this is the correct action or not. HTH Mike
  4. Have you checked on phone under Settings | Account and sync settings, making sure you have your Background data and Auto-sync selected? Also check the Manage accounts to make sure the options are checked there as well.
  5. Interestingly mylock did work for me on both R3 Modaco and R4 orangenated. It also had the side effect that the front buttons powered the phone on which was great. After some battery issues (not related to mylock), I decided to do a complete reset of the phone (Privacy | Factory data reset) and wiped the dalvic and cache (clockworkmod) before re-installing orangenated. Now wifi works with NO controlling apps installed and the front buttons are also working. My SF now does everything that I wanted with low battery usage :) :)
  6. The more I can tailor my phone the happier I am, so please put me in the hat :) mike557
  7. Been using appbrain for a while now and much prefer it to using the market. If you are not aware appbrain provides access to the apps in the market via a web interface. You can download the appbrain app onto your phone and then sync your phone with appbrain. The syncing produces an online list of all of your apps and if you are changing your rom, you install the appbrain app (after a wipe/reset) and resync. This allows you to download all of your apps as before onto the new rom. Appbrain also has the capability to 'push' installs onto your phone, again once another web app has been installed. This does work well and the download seems to start within a few seconds. So yes I like it - however I am concerned about it. You need to log in using your google account and password - is this safe? If it can push installs onto your phone what about hackers? Reading the privacy statement reveals some further detail. Appbrain only provides the 'American' market view, so are we restricted or is this better for us?
  8. I had a problem with Modaco R3 and R4 orangenated both running down the battery fairly quickly (faster than before). Struggled to find what was causing it. Use appbrain for all my downloading and therefore not necessary to use the market. It turned out that when I went into the market an app was showing as installing and there was no way I could see to stop it. As I use appbrain, it was not a problem to do a full wipe of my phone and re-install. The full wipe included the cache but I also did a phone reset. Within 10 minutes I had my phone back as it should be and battery back to its normal performance of a couple of days. I use 'Setting profiles' which recognise when at home and goes into airplane mode while I am asleep thus saving more power.
  9. Used to use the stats app on the pulse which worked well, but this will not work on the blade. Any other suggested apps - like to know how much data I use per day. Thanks
  10. Just PM me with your full name, email and address. I will get one sent out asap (normally arrives within 2 days) Mike
  11. There is a limit which GG monitor. If you don't abuse the system they seem to let things slip. 100M is not for downloading movies or streaming for that you should have a goodybag. If you want 'free' web and email then 100M per day should be fine. I hope they extend the free internet beyond the 1st of December (they have extended it many times already) as this does make them great value. If anyone wants a sim, it is best to ask me (or any other gg member) to send a sim out as you get another £5 credit when you top up with £10 - they also pay me for sending the sim :) So with £15 credit (£10 spend) you could currently buy the Labs Goodybag for £5 and use the £10 credit for calls at 2p and texts at 1p. Meaning either 500 calls or 1000 texts or any mixture plus UNLIMITED internet. The goodybags only last a month but your credit is ongoing.
  12. The sound is probably from having 'Settings | Sound & Display settings | SD card notifications' enabled. Just uncheck and phone powers up silently :)
  13. No - the free data expires on the 1st of December. Free data is up to 100MB per day which is VERY reasonable. After 1st of December Giffgaff may charge or do a special deal/goody bag. Been with GG since December 09 and have not paid anything for data. They also have a payback system which pays you for providing support which so far has paid me over £90 and still incrementing. If anyone else wants a sim with £5 credit (when you top up), drop me a PM with name and address, and I will get one sent to you, They also pay for sending out the sims so happy to help :)
  14. 2 - Audio through the speaker was the same on the Pulse, so expect this is not phone specific. 3 - The wifi issue although not fixed is 'bodged' and gets front buttons working as a bonus here.
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