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  1. Hi, It's sad that although the Omnia Pro has a 16M AMOLED screen, we never get to utilize it fully. Any work around for this? Maybe someone can port android on this phone..
  2. Looks nice. Doesn't work in landscape mode so well though. BTW, this app is in Chinese I guess. Did anyone manage to get an English version?
  3. What is Java Mobile? I installed it and it has replaced my previous Java menu with some Chinese stuff!! ErnstJanf Please offer some explanation of what these things are!
  4. The sound is not great with the mono loud speakers, but plug in the headsets/ earphones - it's bliss!!! You can easily disable the sluggish interface if you don't need. SPBMobile shell works like a charm, you can have a look at it.
  5. Some explanation on these uploads please? What has been fixed in bluetooth? It will be nice if you can mention what was broken and what was fixed.
  6. Hi, This is a request for cooks to cook us a ultralight ROM. What I don't need - Samsung WidgetPlus Samsung Today Samsung Calendar Samsung's SMS thing A raw windows 6.1/6/.5 with Samsung Keyboard support, Touch Player on which I can enjoy to use SPBMobile shell :) Ppl can add/del by making requests and I will modify the first post accordingly. And then, may be someone can cook a light ROM B)
  7. Need not be IE mobile. Any browser will do :) When connected to your PC, your mobile automatically will use the PC internet connection.
  8. You cannot change the background of work mode that way.. Samsung today is different from Windows Mobile's default today, most apps are not compatible with samsung today. If you want those widgets to be displayed in your work screen, you will have to disable the samsung today..
  9. I am bugged of playing Solitaire on this! I tried using a NES emulator, but the resolution of the phone is too high and it wasn't looking nice! Can you suggest some good games which run well on Omnia? A list of free games with links would be very helpful to everyone I guess.
  10. I searched a lot in this forum and other for doing a hard reset. Softreset + Volume key up + lock key doesn't work! to reset, click on menu screen, choose settings from the bottom screen and go to memory settings. Select Clear memory and press 1234.. Will reset your phone ;) worked for me.. but still facing problem with my touch player ;)
  11. Hard reset using this method is not working ;) I tried installing old omnia touch player for this, it's not working.. I want to do hard reset.. someone please help.. I have tried volume key up + lock screen.. It's not working.
  12. Looks very good. It was such a nuisance to be reminded of banding everytime you look at the phone! Thank you so much for the tip. PS: Works like a charm. Thanks a lot ;)
  13. Hi, My touch player hangs after searching for new files. I have to soft-reset it everytime! Any idea what could be the problem? It says 11 file(s) added and hangs. It is not responsive the menu long press, not the touch screen responds ;) Pleae help.
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