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  1. steve1221

    Everything Everywhere 'Brand New' Event LiveBlog

    I wonder how much of that £1.5 billion has been gained from all the staff they 'let go' after the merger (that that they said wouldn't be lost before the merger)!!
  2. steve1221

    Bargain HTC Evo 3D @ Asda (UK)

    Now down to a mere £229 !!!
  3. steve1221

    3D or not 3D? ...that is the question

    Spot on. Better battery and camera. What ever happened the the optical zoom using membrane technology that was being tested a couple of years back? That's what we'd like to see, or the side ways optical that some rugged cameras have.
  4. steve1221

    Orange Monte Carlo purchased

    It seems that Orange are still doing the £30 off if you have an existing payg sim (for 3 months or more technically). Which bring the cost of the phone down to £119.99 Much better :)
  5. steve1221

    [REQUEST] Review video on YouTube

    Shame they can't afford to have someone that dosen't like like they're just reading from a script ! (and I almost got a job in the dept that makes these add! But I was over qualified!).
  6. I think I know the answer, but is this a better buy than the Archos 101 which is the same price (£149.99) at CPW ?
  7. steve1221

    Any thoughts on the Archos 101?

    Just seen this on CPW http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/mobiles/mobile-phones/ARCHOS-101-INTERNET-TABLET The reviews are not too bad. But there seem to be no custom roms ?? But the price looks good for 10.1 capacitive screen table?? Anyone have any views or opinions?
  8. If you bought it from Argos, Orange won't be interested. Its up the retailer you bought from to sort it out. Take it back to the store you got it from (with the reciept) and see what they say. Argos are usually very good with faulty stuff, depend how they view dust under the screen. Its not the fault they get as a rule !
  9. steve1221

    SIM Unlock (update)

    And again... How? I've been offered one on 3 and my sims Orange (the network, not the colour!)...
  10. steve1221

    Advice on the HTC Sensation

    Without wanting to start a new thread for a similar question... How are people find the Sensation for size? I always thought the D HD was a little too big, I know this slightly smaller (but only slightly). So dose the size make it hard to use as a phone ??
  11. I'd think long and hard at that price (as would a lot of people I suspect). That's placing near the HTC Desire HD, the price of which is dropping as new dual core HTC's with 4.3 inches screen started to arrive.
  12. Anyone know if Orange are still doing the £30 off any handset if you're an existing payg customer ? That could bring the price down nicely !
  13. steve1221

    Need copy of receipt

    The IMEI is printed on the reciept. If it doesn't match the phone Orange won't accepted it for repair etc (if that's what you want it for?).
  14. steve1221

    Replacement Battery Cover?

    I contacted the Orange helpers on twitter and they sent me one free... got to be worth a try !
  15. steve1221

    2.3 update on Orange

    Last I heard the dept that develops the Orange firmware was being 'let go' (along with a number of others) after the T mobile merger.

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