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  1. My Nexus 5X is in need of replacement by the end of the year. Which phones should I consider to replace it? I'm interested in: Timely updates Android pay Reasonably priced If there was a new Nexus, I'd be all over it - but I'm not interested in the premium price of the Pixel. Any suggestions appreciated.
  2. i just thought i would add my two pence I got my Lobster 700TV yesterday, i am a previous user of an SPV C500 and I am using this phone in place of my C550. For work I have an SPV M3100. In terms of what this device has sacrificed, it doesn't have infrared however apart from that, feature wise it seems all up to spec. I don't think that the size is too bulky and it is a lot better than the M3100 which i can't bear to carry around. TV is a disappointment, quality is poor even in good reception, you can't have full screen landscape, and the picture always has an annoying WHITE bar above and below. It isn't an ideal replacement for anyone who uses a pocket telly and not all programmes are available on ITV or E4 (eg. lost, friends). they are replaced by rolling trailers until the next programme comes on. I imagine that it is to do with broadcast rights. The licence that must be aquired MUST be done via GPRS, pass through doesn't work (it does for other internet use, except "red button" services which also require GPRS) and you do get charged for the data. DAB radio is very good. I am impressed. On the whole i think it is a very good free phone on a sub
  3. use jeyo mobile companion - it does this perfectly and you can copy sms too if you need to, i used it when i upgraded my phone
  4. when i did the firmware update to my c500 the problem went away.
  5. will it really not run tomtom? even tomtom5? i get a free upgrade any minute now and was planning on hanging on for the c600 - but if it won't run tomtom maybe i should go symbian? ideas please?
  6. btw to read the blank messages i choose forward - i don't get date and time info just the content of the message
  7. i get this problem on my spv C500 , i thought it was because I had loads of messages in my inbox so i deleted all my messages, sent items included so i had none left in any folders and it happend again today with just a few messages in the box. i have found that it tends to work if i press reply, cancel it and press reply again it is more likely to go. it is mighty annoying so if anyone has a more permanent fix i would like to know about it.
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