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  1. still using o2 2gb. honestly i don't think any company would provide any further product for win mo 6.5. there are few apps i use. i use twitter, opera mini, calcudoku,notepad, navigation, tcmp etc. I'd like to have messageme,whatsapp and some other popular apps. the hardware is strong but there is no chance they release an app for an outdated OS. small or big, companies want to make profit and I think they can't with this OS. so it doesn't matter they still sell these phones somewhere in the planet. any manager,ceo would see this as this is. old. outdated. no profit. rejected. if you still use your o2, accept your phone is OLD, take good care and use it until it doesn't satisfy your needs. then buy another phone meeting your demands. don't get me wrong, I still love my o2 and use it everyday. it has some flaws but whatsapp,instagram etc are not on top of my needs. so I'm not changing my phone and spend any $$$. I'll use it until it's broken or my needs change or any other reasonable cause I have. For now, it still works! this is my opinion...
  2. Maybe my card is broken or I did something wrong, but I don't want to spend any more time for this. I tried everything I can. This is the end for me. I truly thank you for your help spiderman1961.
  3. what do you mean by "installing without external sd card inserted" ? my o2 is 2 gb (my storage) and a 4 gb sd card. i took out the card put in card reader formatted and restored image. then i put it back to o2. or should I put my sd card to usb connection on o2 and format and restore it when the card is inside the device? I tried changing 0 to 1 and no difference. also put haret zimage and startup to my storage and tried form there. same result. but I noticed something. after I try to boot android, it does not. I checked my card under ubuntu and it does not show any partition at all. may be there is something wrong with the card?
  4. ok, reformatted ext4 and swap under ubuntu. no change. but your gparted shows /dev/sdb as your card, mine is different. is that a problem? and I have no idea what kernel mod 1 is. I'm gonna partition sdcard all over under ubuntu and give it a try.
  5. Trying to install on a 4 gb sd card: 1) deleted all partitions on card 2) created logical fat32 = 2000 mb 3) created logical ext4 = 1250 mb 4) created linux swap = rest of the card ( ~530mb) 5) restored v7 .TBI image to ext4 partition as described 6) copied haret , startup , zimage files from Arkivio WORK v8.zip/Root di MemoriaPersonale folder to sd card fat32 partition 7) booted to windows 6.5.3 8) started haret.exe from sd card 9) it shows "Android on Omnia II Loading.." no success. android is not booting. it's stuck on no:9 I had to take out battery to shut down device. also tried zimage from v7 folder but then I see little writings on black screen saying jumping to kernel and after a while screen starts to turn to a greenish noisy look like old tv screens :)
  6. thanks. I'll try and tell what happens.
  7. hi, I've never used android and wanna give it a try on my o2 to test it. my storage is 2 gb and i'm gonna try this on a 4 gb sd card. is it possible? and in arkivio v8 folder the instruction says fat32 = 350 mb , ext4 = 1250 mb , swap = remaining storage. if I use a 4 gb card do I need to multiply these numbers for 2? (I'm planning to test v8). thanks.
  8. hi guys, I'm having a problem with Microsoft Facebook application. For almost a week or two it can not connect to facebook and retrieve any data. When I execute the app it says: "Can't connect to facebook. Please check you're connected to internet." I hard resetted the phone, tried earlier versions but it's still the same. (when I could use this app, it sometimes freezed when retrieving data from facebook but it worked normal after a while. So this is different. It can't connect. My network settings did not change, tried via wifi 3g edge. no difference) Any advice or anyone having the same problem? I've tried alternatives like FİM but I can use it a couple of times and then it stops working (the last time I've tried fim was 2 months ago, it has always the same problem and I didn't bother installing it again after hard reset.) I tried xda facebook app, no luck. Downloaded Facebook For Everyone java, it just gives me a blue screen and nothing happens at all. Also tried removing facebook secure connection. No go. Thanks in advance...
  9. if you're using s2u2 you should try running mainmenu.exe when you unlock. look for that option in s2u2 settings. that should work probably, but didn't try it myself. or check post #197 and #198 at this link http://www.modaco.com/content-page/304049/...-file/page/180/
  10. This happened to me a couple of times but I can't remember whish rom I was using. But as far as I remember I hard reseted the phone. Also check your startup folder and check if alarmwatcher.exe is linked to right exe. And if not mistaken when I got that error message, I've set s2u2 with a startup delay. So maybe it was my problem. I don't know. But hard resetting solved my problem.
  11. download samsungapps.cab from www.samsungapps.com install it and from 2.tab choose free find connectingnotifier download and install. restart phone. i use it. it's very useful.
  12. did you try soft / hard reset? if not just try it. Settings – Personal – Buttons and assign to any button (choose camera from the list )
  13. Yep the issue is how they use the ram but it should be better if they'd used 512mb ram with this "all in one" . Then we wouldn't have this topic. ;)
  14. I love it. All in one. :P Only I wish I had more ram. Btw do your operas show flash? And I wish I've known some way to sync my tasks and to-dos without outlook.(win7)
  15. indeed. I use s2u2 for locking the phone, but I would prefer the default winmo asnwer section. but it seems you have it only when you use default 6.5 lock screen. I hope someone finds a fix for that. a registry fix maybe?

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