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  1. Is it just me unable to flash this version of CM12.1? My EMUI has suddenly decided to be tempermental and only accept the odd text :S I want to try cm12.1 but it seems that every other build people have discussed has major bugs
  2. Just bought my LeTV x600 - will be here soon :) I believe it comes with a clear plastic case in the box as standard? What other accessories have you guys bought? I'm wondering whether to try tempered glass screen protector or just stick to plastic film.
  3. Thanks! Nothing else to flash with it (patches/gapps etc)? just backup, wipe and flash?
  4. Can you link this rom please? Tried to install cm12.1 twice last night but it wouldn't work :(
  5. a little OT - but you guys have convinced me to get a letv x600 :) I know there are 16/32GB models but i've read that there are also 64GB models - I haven't found anyone selling 64GB models online - do they exist?
  6. I do really like the look of the LeTV but am I the only one who isn't willing to jump ship because of no SD card slot and no removable battery? They are the only drawbacks for me :( Very very sexy looking premium phone otherwise :D
  7. Looks very nice Have you used it? Opinion on battery life/usability etc? What is the camera like? Speakers loud? In call volume? GPS?
  8. Thanks so much for this! Downloading both right now. what is the tedious cleaning you were talking about? Chinese system apps or something else?
  9. I've been out of the loop for a while, and have just read the past 15 pages to see whats happening. I'm looking to change my rom from MIUI to something else due to battery drain. By the looks of things the two main contenders are EMUI by ATX, or 360OS. I've tried to click the googledrive/mega links people posted for each but they seem to have been removed. (They were posted 4-5 months ago) Can anyone link me to the EMUI by ATX or the 360OS which isn't on baidu/some other slow download host? Thanks!
  10. Hmm I'll give that a try. I have no idea why its eating so much power just on standby, cell network and wifi. I'm connected to Wifi at home and also at work so I don't understand why cell use is so high. I'm not a heavy user either, the odd bit of facebook/youtube when I get home/before I go to work is all i use my phone for really.. EDIT: whats a free alternative to tasker so I can see how much of an effect it has?
  11. Hi all I've been using MIUI 5.7.9 Beta for a few months now and the ROM is perfect for me, very quick and stable, visually appealing and no bugs. One thing that i've noticed across every ROM that i've used it that youtube, and facebook seem to be huge battery drainers, but they don't really show up on the battery use log. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve my battery life?
  12. I don't suppose you have a link to the rom? not at my pc at the moment so can't do a proper search for it
  13. I don't see that option anywhere :S Not sure whose rom I'm using but here's a screenshot :D
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