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  1. Thanks for the read, I agree totally with you about the size of modern phones. I went through exactly the same process having realised that I was not going to buy every bigger phones on each upgrade after the HTC One M7. In my case though I plumped for the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and haven't looked back. I agree it isn't as svelt as the 5S and not as good built quality but I did want to stay with Android and this was the only suitable device.
  2. I have an ee issued Sony Xperia Z1 Compact. The app installs OK and when I go through the routine of disabling wifi for it check my account number or something it says NEW SERVICES AVAILABLE (0). There are currently no services available for your phone. Please check back regularly for new services. Well, I thought, from everything I've read, that the Z1 compact is exactly the same internals as the Z1 which they list as supported?
  3. You could try one of these. I would recommend them and they're very cheap and reliable. It's called a MC-02a and they're about £15 on ebay. http://webanditstudio.com/mc-02a-qi-wireless-charger/
  4. I would like to see more of a consumer design like the phones Sony can produce rather than a plastic slab. I would like the thinness of the S3 but certainly no bigger than the Galaxy Nexus, maybe even smaller. I think NFC will see growth and is a must even though it still isn't huge here in the UK and, whilst I'm not convinced we need quad core, I would like to see a modest processor bump to at least a 1.5 GHz dual core. The camera is a no brainer - it needs to be better - at least 8MP with a decent lens. Oh, and seeing as EE will soon be launching their new LTE network we also need that! I think I would be very interested in an Xperia Nexus.
  5. Hi Paul. Did I read somewhere that you are building in mhl to the N7 ROM? If so, how's that going? Cheers.
  6. Thanks so much Paul for this. Nexus 7 arrived today from Currys - unlocked, rooted and modacod within first hour. Perfect!
  7. Still waiting for Nexus 7 delivery..........

  8. There doesn't seem to be any problems with francos kernel r210 with this Modaco ROM so far. I am using stock cpu speeds, not seeing any lags, and deep sleep is about 70% over night for the past 11 hours.
  9. I have flashed the latest franco kernel (r210 - I think there is only one anyway listed for jellybean). It's too early to tell any benefits yet but there doesn't appear to be any problems so far.
  10. Oh crap, you're absolutely correct. I've been reading about that many phones lately I got things all confused :wacko:
  11. Thanks Paul for this ROM. Could I have people's views on a couple of issues, please? Stay awake doesn't seem to work for me. Some people have mentioned the tickbox in developer settings for "stay awake" but I am sure that is a different thing altogether and relates to the screen staying on when charging. I can't find a setting anywhere for the function that is supposed to watch out for whether someone is looking at the screen. When nothing is happening (I'm not travelling or have no appointments) not even the weather card shows up even though I have ticked for it to be shown all the time. I'm not saying Now is not working because I do see cards appearing but I thought the weather card would always be visible. Offline speech recognition definitely does work. In "voice search settings / Voice / Download offline speech recogn." there are two entries - English(US) 32MB and English (UK) 15MB. Only the UK can be uninstalled. If I put it into airplane mode and choose voice dialling it stsrts to type when I speak! You have to have the standard JB keyboard though active though, I can't see a way to do it with swiftkey. Thanks everyone.
  12. Downloaded and installed. Can't see any difference. Shame.
  13. Thanks very much for that, I had the same problem myself but was too dumb to sort it. It works now:-)
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