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  1. I know that the X has one of the loudest speakers I've seen, but neither phones have speakers that can compare to our stereo speakers unfortunately. I haven't heard anything about the speaker quality so I assume they are both about the same.
  2. Yep, when it comes down to screens, the Super AMOLED does win in the eyes of most people, but not in mine. But hey, its all a matter of opinion :).
  3. The reason Moto sets the stock voltages so high, is that they want all the phones to have the same battery life. And to increase the yields for the processors. People wouldn't like it if one persons phone lasted longer than another. Heres another thing, once you have froyo installed. The performance difference in the menus is negligible. As in almost unnoticeable, as menus aren't very demanding. After this all thats left is performance in 3d intensive applications, which I admit the Fascinate does win in that regard, but heres another thing. There will probably be very few apps that take advantage of that power until another big name phone comes out that is advertised all over the place IMO. As of right now the only phone that has the SGX540 is the galaxy s series. It puts all other mobile GPUS to shame. Edit: But then again the Galaxy S is spread across many carriers, so who knows the power might be actually be worth something.
  4. If I had Sprint, I would definitely, DEFINITELY get the Epic 4g. But unfortunately i'm on a family plan, and can't switch to them, without having pay for everything all over again. I am going to miss the stereo speakers well. But a quick note on the cpu, they've overclocked the Droid X's to 2ghz, they say they've overclocked it to 2.5ghz but that was proven fake I think. Edit: I am currently running mine at half voltage at stock clocks. This baby lasts me 2 days now, without the extended battery, it's awesome.
  5. Heres the thing though, about the Droid X, it has more ram, about 1.5 times more(Droid X has 512, Fascinate has 384). And once you replace the default launcher with launcher pro, everything becomes MUCH smoother. Which is something you'd want to do on either phone. It also probably didn't have Froyo installed, which has a JIT compiler and makes things up to 5x faster. Don't get me wrong, the Droid X has it's problems, they are just fewer in number, and not as serious. But Motorola is much quicker to fix them than Samsung. Look at the massive support they have given to the Droid, that phone is over 2 years old, and might get Gingerbread, it has already gotten 2.2(the latest release of android). Samsung only released 2 updates for the i920, and they are both horrible, and neither added new features. With Samsungs current track record, I don't think you will get much further than 2.2 on the Fascinate. I had a hard time choosing between the Fascinate and the Droid X, but once I started looking deeper into the forums at problems. The Droid x really shines in that area. Don't get me wrong, this is not a biased review. The fascinate does have awesome talk and video watching life.
  6. I have gotten a hold of a Droid X, and am going to start development on a rom for that. See you guys on the other side, it has been a awesome ride! If it is upgrade time, and you are trying to decide between the Droid X and Fascinate, go with the Droid X. They've managed to flash roms onto it, and it is so much better. GPS wise, call quality wise, screen size, and signal strength. The AMOLED screen on the Fascinate doesn't make that big of a difference to me, as after I decided to watch a movie on both, for me at least the bigger screen won over. In my opinion it will be along time before apps start to take advantage of the much faster GPU in the Fascinate(which is what I was going for orginally) as other android phones don't even come to close the power of the GPU that thing has. They've already overclocked the Droid X, and on the Droid X you can actually adjust the voltages! Also, Android now has a awesome PSX emulator, it's catching up to FPSECE. -Thank you for your support. Farewell, SteelReign
  7. Sure, but it would be in a separate rom. This is a titanium based rom. I'd also need a graphics designer, as I can't photoshop at all.
  8. I am taking suggestions for what to do with this rom. It will be titanium based, and it will be pretty lite. And yes I am back from the dead!
  9. I suppose I could work on this, I am very good at hex editing and modifying assembly. So I might be able to get rid of the dependencies on these things. I'm about to start cooking again. I'm going to release about 5-6 roms soon based on different things.
  10. I'm actually seriously thinking about abandoning this project, and just replacing sense with a really heavily modified titanium, as I don't even use sense anymore, so I see no reason to continue this rom.
  11. Have you tried reflashing? I have no idea why you are having all these problems... I haven't read through this thread in about 30 days, so I don't know if others are having the same problem... but rest assured there should be a new release in about a month. To fix all these issues, and add more features. If you guys want I can release the kitchen so you guys can play around with it and try and fix it yourself. edit: I'll upload the kitchen right now. Should be uploaded tonight. Oh, and also check the settings for s2u2 and adjust the backlight dimming and phone shut off settings under battery settings. As, once I turned these off the phone stopped locking itself automatically, and now I just lock it manually and I prefer it that way. Kitchen: http://www.4shared.com/file/B3H1jdoT/STEEL..._-_kitchen.html
  12. A update to fix these issues and more will be coming soon, probably by next month... I've been really busy with college lately, so I haven't been able to work much on it... But rest assured, a fix is coming!
  13. Just fyi people this is going to be the last release for a few weeks, as I have been extremely busy lately, and this build is pretty stable.
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