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  1. Solving problems: Android is installed on my memory of 8GB. If someone would have problems after installing update 1: - The inability to install programs on the sd - Does not work correctly screen rotation It should be: 1.Go back to the old zImage (from normal beta3), improves installing programs on SD 2. Restore a file-I8000.so sensors.GT (from normal beta3), improved file operation screen rotation. All operations are tested by me and the phone works normally. Hi, Voyteckst I have a problem with a light sensor that automatically changes the brightness of the light intensity. It does not change the brightness. How does it solve? Polish: Mam problem z czujnikiem oświetlenia, który zmienia automatycznie jasność ekranu od natężenia światła. Nie zmienia jasności. Jak to rozwiązać ?
  2. I have the same problem. After upgrading from Beta 3 to Beta 3 update 1, disappeared all programs that were installed on sd (my memory). Android shows like I took out the sd card. Polish: Mam ten sam problem. Po aktualizacji z beta 3 do beta 3 update 1, zniknęły mi wszystkie programy które były zainstalowane na sd (moja pamięć). Android pokazuje jakbym wyjął kartę sd.
  3. Hi Voyteckst, thanks for the update. After the upgrade my installed programs on your SD card disappear (I can't run it, andrid can't see this programs). The card is normally seen by Android. Also, I can't install any programs/games, that require installation on the SD card. Before the upgrade everything was ok. I have my storage installation. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Thanks for the reply. If someone would have a problem with loading the dictionaries (. Mdx), must copy them to / sdcard / MDict / doc /.
  5. Hi Voyteckst, I found that Auto Focus works in the camera, but the manual (only in Camera360). Peel the object to which you want to take a picture, enter the options (such a small cog in the upper right corner) / Common set / Shoot Mode / select Infinite Distance and again Auto Focus. The camera will catch the same focus on a particular subject. The only drawback is that every time you perform this operation before shooting. Polish: Cześć Voyteckst, Odkryłem, że Auto Focus działa w aparacie, ale manualnie (tylko w programie Camera360). Należy obrać przedmiot, któremu chcemy zrobić zdjęcie, wejść w opcje (taki trybik w górnym prawym rogu)/Common set/Shoot Mode/ zaznaczyć Infinite Distance a następnie ponownie Auto Focus. Aparat złapie sam ostrość na dany przedmiot. Jedyna wada to, że trzeba za każdym razem wykonywać tą czynność przed zrobieniem zdjęcia.
  6. I can't find a program, that can replace me MDict from WM. I have to open the files with extension .mdx What program can open it ? Thanks for help.
  7. I have a 8gb model. When I create three primary partitions (first - fat32, second - Ext4, the third - swap), the phone can't see my memory and asks for a format. Phone can't format memory, I can only format in ubuntu to fat32.
  8. Hi, can someone do the screen of gparted, where created three partitions (fat32, ext4, swap) in the phone memory 8gb or 16gb (no sd card)? (guide by Gardakkan) In what order should I create partitions? Sorry for my english. Thanks for help.
  9. Hi, thanks dev's team. I have a problem with the creation of three primary partitions, when I create it by gparted: /dev/sda1 - primary fat32 /dev/sda2 - primary ext4 /dev/sda3 - linux-swap and disconnect from PC, omnia asks for formatting the memory. Formatting fails. I have the 8GB model. What am I doing wrong? Please help.
  10. Ok, will be enough what is, I agree with problematika. End working connection usb.
  11. I wrote to the dev-team and I'm waiting for a response
  12. Can I changed this other program or edit the kernel ?
  13. For example, you can set as 900 MHz in WM and I want the same set in Android.
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