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  1. Managed to find both phones in a shop on Friday. I am going with the One S next week for the simple reason that it can comfortably be used one-handed. The One X is just too wide to feel comfortable in the hand.
  2. Paul, Many thanks for a great review! As someone who has had some serious hands-on time with the One X and One S, may I ask which do you prefer? I am intending to upgrade to one of these next week - I just can't decide which one!
  3. Correct - but it is an excellent ROM. I have been using custom ROMs on my Desire for over a year and Insert Coin is the best one to date. Use the stock (A2SD+) ROM assuming you have a standard HBOOT.
  4. The alternative would be to create your own partition sizes with ,say, a 15Kb partition for the cache, 190-200 for system and the rest available for data. This thread tells you how (not tried it myself though - am sticking to A2SD+ for now): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=806321
  5. If you have a nandroid backup of your ROM, have a look at the size of the folders to see if a different partition will work. My r9 nandroid backup has the following sizes: System: 183230784 b (179Mb) Cache: 12517824 b (12.2Mb) Data: 111065856 b (108.5 Mb) This suggests that a 10Mb cache might be a little bit too small. The actual size of yours will depend on the number of apps that you have installed and where they are...
  6. HTC Sense works on the Desire - you just need a HD ROM. Plenty of those available at xda-developers (Modaco is currently well behind). My current favourite is here and has taken over from MCRr9 as my everyday ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...15&page=123
  7. Doh..! Hadn't noticed that 2.0 had 4 folders not 4 images. Got it now - many thanks!
  8. I keep seeing references to the 'N1 Table'. Can you please explain what this is? How do I know if I have it or need it and where do I find it? EDIT: Found the tables here: http://alpharev.nl/. Not sure which one I flashed though. How do I check...??
  9. Excellent post - many thanks! I think I have downloaded everything I need. Will give it a go when I get the time. The only item I can't seem to find is the black/grey striped wallpaper for the scrolling theme. It is not in the dropbox. Do you still have a copy please?
  10. @Lohot: Great looking phone! Can you please give us an idea of how you got your phone to look like that? I have had a look at the JAMT site but am at a loss where to begin. What launcher/widgets/icons are you using please? Thanks......
  11. It sounds like you phone is struggling to mount the ext partition. Do you have a nandroid backup of your ROM? The partition has not been restored to the SD card unless you have restored a backed-up ROM. Assuming you have a backup, boot the phone into recovery. Restore the ROM which will restore the ext partition and then reboot the phone....
  12. To get into recovery you should be holding down the VOLUME DOWN button while pressing the power button...
  13. You have a few different things here! If you have successfully debranded your phone, you would not have a T-mobile splash screen! Applying a generic RUU will get rid of the spash screen, but will return your baked ROM to stock. You can find a selection of stock RUUs here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=695667 You don't need to apply a stock RUU to install a new radio. As you have Unrevoked, copy a new radio to your sd card, boot into recovery and flash the radio. You will find the latest radio here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=809328 If you just want to flash a new boot image, search the forums on modaco or xda, there is plenty of guidance there. (Don't confuse the Splash 1 screen with the Boot Image. The splash 1 is the fixed image you get when the phone is first turned on. This can be change if you have S-OFF. The Boot Image is the 2nd (animated) image during the boot process)
  14. Z port for the Desire is here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=837948 I would wait a day or 2 though. There should be a new version shortly with a working camera.
  15. Sounds like your IMEI number is blocked in your home country then!
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