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  1. I downloaded the ROM but it doesn't work. In any case i flashed to 6.5.3 i8000 from my i8000L and I can say that the performance of my phone is significantly better. I would be nice to have the option of reverting back to the BELL ROM at some point if needed. thanks.
  2. I would love to have Android on my Omnia II I8000L. But seems like things are in the developing stages. I am disappointed with the lack of application support for the Mobile Windows platform. Almost all apps support Android phones.
  3. MATT17 , please provide another link to the I8000LUGIJ6 PDA ROM. The above doesn't seem to work or is extremely slow. thanks
  4. Well I did everything. - installed cdma driver -latest samsung MIT usb update -unplugged phone. -changed OCTANS Mini compatibility to windows xp (service pack 3) -loaded the csc and mst files -hit detect -plugged in phone (which is off) **issue **the start key doesn`t highlight. Any assistance is appreciated.
  5. JBuckles I have the Bell Omnia II I8000L as well. Do you have a link to the JH2 6.5.3 Build you refer to above. thanks.
  6. I'm taking my O2 for repairs. The damn storage is missing. Tried everything on-line. The Galaxy S is definitely faster.
  7. Matt17, This file in the link seems to take ages to download. Do you have a updated link?
  8. I think it's complete idiotic that Samsung Kies does not support Windows 7 32-bit or 64 bit. When are these retards going to ensure compatibility with the latest OS. People are not interested in backward compatibility. fortify
  9. I have the same issue with the daylight savings time. I am in Cayman and we don't recognize daylight savings time here. At least in our desktop windows under the time there is an option to de-select daylight savings time. They should have also also made an option to uncheck 'apply daylight savings time'. fortify
  10. I had the same issue. I used the soft reset feature (Wish I didn't) and the phone no longer recognizes my password. So at this moment I cannot gain access to my phone. sheesh! Any assistance would be great.
  11. Crescendo , I have the same issue. I have Windows 7 32 -bit along with my Omnia II and Samsung Kies which does not recognize my phone. The question is when will these fools make Kies compatible with Windows 7? That is the current OS on the market.
  12. I have an issue. I have the Omnia II and use in the Grand Cayman. I only use it when I connect via Wi-Fi. When opening up Google maps it detected where I was correctly and showed a map of Cayman and its surrounding rather accurately. However, recently when I open up google maps the GPS shows me as being in Seattle (U.S) which is incorrect. I may have mistakenly made some changes to the phone. I am not sure. Please help.
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