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  1. Packages can be created from *.cab-files by means of package-creator-v2.7. Sometimes it happens enough, but in most cases - is not. Package-creator assorts a cab-file and creates a *.rgu-file only in the event that all changes in the register have been directly registered in a cab-file. The majority of programs makes options and records in the register on commands of the *.exe-file at the first start. This information in a cab-file is not present. It is necessary to install the program on a device and to trace change of the register (by means of CeRegEdit). Sometimes at the first start names of files vary even or there is their unpacking from archives. It too should be traced. In a package there should be files ready to work on a device! Sorry my english!:rolleyes:
  2. 1. All packages OEM from JJ1 (except for SecContact, I do not like the pop-up keyboard). Samsung Menu it is added, in JJ1 it is not present. 2. Any way and Install any OEM (if only worked!) 3. Use CAB_TOOLS from folder Editors for independent creation cab-files from packages OEM JJ1.
  3. Copy command from BuildROM.bat is not executed: copy/y ROM \xip.bin xip.bin copy/y PDA \OS.nb OS.nb copy/y PDA \I8000NXXJI1.nb0 I8000NXXJI1.nb0 Check up, should be: Total Sectors: 0xbcff 1 File (s) copied 1 File (s) copied 1 File (s) copied OS ROM Partition Tool V1.59 By Weisun:> PDAclan.com Sector size: 0x00000800 Extra data bytes: 0x00000000 OS IMAGE found. Partitions infomation: ************************************** Part-0 type: BOOT SECTION image Part-1 type: XIP RAM Image Part-2 type: IMGFS file system ************************************** Can not find compression signature. Part-2 inserting... Part-2 is an IMGFS Partition... Successfully inserted temp \imgfs.bin into OS.nb. NEW Size Page Pool to default of 9 Mb Enter desirable size Page Pool into Mb (1-24): Reason: - folders ROM and PDA are lost - it is probably necessary to change options of safety of system.
  4. Use a file initflashfiles.dat from 0413 originals JJ1 or change in a file initflashfiles.dat from ROMBulder names of folders \Windows\StartUp and \Windows\Start Menu\Programs to your names. These changes are necessary for making in all initflashfiles.txt. Your names are in SYS\Base_Lang_0413\*.rgu: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Explorer\Shell Folders] "Application Data"="\Application Data" "Desktop"="\Windows\Bureaublad" "Favorites"="\Windows\Favorieten" "Fonts"="\Windows\Lettertypen" "My Documents"="\My Documents" "Program Files"="\Programmabestanden" "Programs"="\Windows\Programma's" "Recent"="\Windows\Recent" "StartUp"="\Windows\Opstarten" "Windows"="\Windows" Alternative: it is possible for nothing to change, simply to remove parameter [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\Explorer\Shell Folders] in SYS \Base_Lang_0413\*.rgu. Names will remain English.
  5. All *.0409 to remove, leave only *.0413. Prepared SYS 21916 with language packages 0413 from 21915: SYS_21916_0413 Folders, files and modules *.0409 from OEM it is necessary to remove all. To add or replace *.0413 of original ROM JJ1. Names of memory and program folders are better for leaving English. It is necessary to rename in OEM: - names of shortcuts in initflashfiles.dat and in all initflashfiles.txt. - names of buttons in *button*.provxml - names of buttons in the some *.rgu
  6. It is necessary in SYS 21916 to replace all folders *Lang_0409, modules and files *.0409.mui on *Lang_0413 and *.0413.mui from SYS 21915. All rest to use only from SYS 21916!
  7. It is necessary to find your language packages for SYS 21916. I could not find them in Internet. It is possible to use language packages from SYS 21915: 21915_XIP.BIN_MSXIPKernel_SYS_QVGA_WQVGA_VGA_WVGA_ALL_LANG
  8. Dark blue theme because ROM it is made in one style with dark blue Sense 2.1. For installation of other theme it is necessary for default to replace files mxipcold_wpc_3.provxml and BlackTheme.tsk in OEM\OEMApps and as to replace bars and buttons in SYS\Base_DPI_192 Folders are created in file OEM \OEM_Lang_0409 \initflashfiles.dat, them it is necessary to remove: Directory("\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"):-PermDir("Outlook") Directory("\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"):-PermDir("Phone") Directory("\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"):-PermDir("Media") Directory("\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"):-PermDir("Internet") Directory("\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"):-PermDir("Tools") Directory("\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"):-PermDir("Navigation") Directory("\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"):-PermDir("Games") Also it is necessary to change records about shortcuts of programs in initflashfiles.dat and in initflashfiles.txt in each used package from OEM: Directory("\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Outlook"):-File("Tasks.lnk", "\Windows\tasks.lnk") -> Directory("\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"):-File("Tasks.lnk", "\Windows\tasks.lnk") For edition initflashfiles.dat use InitFFBuilder.exe: InitFFBuilder.zip Other way: After installation on a device to transfer shortcuts of programs from folders \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Outlook,Phone,Media,Internet,Tools,Navigation,Games to a folder \Windows\Start Menu\Programs. Folders Outlook,Phone,Media,Internet,Tools,Navigation,Games to remove. At me is only WebMoney: WMZ Z125597056934.
  9. Sorry, my error, only in JI1 ROMBuilder. It is necessary to replace in OEMApps \*.rgu: [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds] "Ringtones"=multi_sz:"Samsung Tune .mp3", "Mis en scene .mp3", "Mirage of you .mp3", "Slowly .mp3", "Flash on .mp3", "Into my Dream .mp3", "Fragrant memories .mp3", "Shadows of night .mp3", "1960's .mp3", "Silhouette .mp3", "Azure sky .mp3", "Cloudy Tone .mp3", "Tension .mp3", "Maze of city .mp3", "Reverie .mp3", "Smooth riding .mp3", "Hold your breath .mp3", "Le Club .mp3", "Basic piped ring .mp3", "Classic Bell .mp3", "Supersonic .mp3", "South Beach .mp3", "On the Prowl .mp3" on [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds] "Ringtones"=multi_sz:"Basic piped ring .mp3","Classic Bell .mp3", "Cloudy Tone .mp3","Mirage of you .mp3", "Samsung Tune .mp3","Silhouette .mp3"
  10. Is not delete, it is necessary to find errors in the file: - error of the coding of a file (1200 UTF-16 LE) - error of syntax of the text in a file - in the end of the text necessarily there should be an empty line The coding can be changed by means of AkelPad (Save as...) To check up on errors a file *.rgu it is possible simply having opened him in Compare-rgus.exe. If there is error in a file there will be a message: " Error: Line 6 " Compare_rgus.zip I suspect, that at you the archive is downloaded with errors, try to download from a mirror and to check up md5.
  11. Sorry, i did not use s3clock. I can not help. Error in any file *.rgu. Attentively check up those files *.rgu which changed.
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