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  1. Yay finally somebody is sharing the pain with me about the Proximity Sensor. It is not working for me either, afterall.
  2. Oh god proximity sensor is back on working!! Thanks FortKnox101! I think my dll file corrupted or something... they have the same size though, weird. Edit: Then I have another problem now, I have the proximity sensor working from the LCDTest, but still when I am in a call, the screen doesn't turn off when i put it close to my face. I will keep working on this I guess, as I don't see anyone from previous posts who have the same problem as me...
  3. Can anybody upload their working ProxSensor.dll from /Windows Directory to me and see how it goes from there?
  4. I don't have the flash light problem, but then I notice my screen won't even go black when I have it near my face. I launched the LCDTest.exe and found out that my Proximity Sensor is not working, it stays at "No Detection" no matter how far I covered the sensor with my palm. Is there like a reg tweak to enable it somehow?
  5. So I can basically flash any custom Roms? ;) Thanks man for the quick info. I am not new to Octans flashing so it's all good I know how to do that. I was just asking if there's any extra steps/precautions about Bell Omnia II's compatibility to all the custom Roms out there. So I can flash the New JD1 Rom too if I understand you correctly ;)
  6. I am gonna ask a very noob question and please don't flame on me. I8000 seems more complicated than the B7610 which I am forgoing. I am gonna get a locked Bell Omnia II and i use Rogers. So if I am correct, I have to pay to get it unlocked first before any flashing right? And also, can I flash just about any roms here? Does it have to be based on Bell's stock rom or the customized roms floating around is fine? Thanks...
  7. Thank you gosiunia! Waited for days and finally somebody upload it.
  8. Yes I am using the Megalite ROM 6.5.5 latest build from Daskalos, though I don't think the problem resides with it being a custom rom or not. For windows mobile custom rom is basically a removal of a few cumbersome apps we don't need and things of that nature, unlike Android which devs are actually heavily tweaking the OS. It's weird to see so many people reporting it not working while I got it working on my first try (2 months ago when I first read the thread), and now did it again and got it to work. Btw I am using an Omnia Pro, but that piece of software had Omnia 2 on the tester list before the Omnia Pro, so I thought this is fully working on Omnia 2? Anyway, on top of what I have said, I could be missing a step. Try downloading the S3Clock.zip from the same website and unzip it to wherever, then run the s3clock.reg. After that, reboot and try your customized APLL and MPLL values and see if you still experience the same problem u have ran into. Please report back and see if this fixes the problem, if so I will modify the tutorial I wrote up a couple of posts back.
  9. lol never thought about that... I don't see how it wouldn't work. So let's see how this goes.... I have just made a shortcut at the Startup folder and it's rebooting...... no... it's not working after I checked the CPU level with GPIOgfx and it stays at norminal 800MHz...
  10. So where can we get Office back on the device? Is there any chance Office 2007 will be cooked into the ROM since Office 2010 has expired and is not coming back until June.
  11. Have anybody successfully enabled that "unlock by Proximity" sensor feature? cuz i have 2.34 and that option is grey-out like the original post mentioned.
  12. Dunno why there's no haptic feedback (Vibration upon touch) even though I have it switched on under samsung settings? I have everything installed and everything else is running properly. Just wondering if anybody has the same problem as me, if not I will go back and try to play around with the cabs again to see what really went wrong. Thanks a bunch
  13. Dunno why I haven't experienced anything bizarre with the ActiveSync using USB. It just syncs as per normal. I just got 5 new emails and updated a new calendar event. And for the QWERTZ issue, same, I don't have such problem even I have flashed the 6.5.5 English with CSC K4. Now I am enjoying the threaded emails as well as a little speed improvement after switching from 6.5.3 to 6.5.5.
  14. anybody knows how to disable the samsung skinned sms and use the threaded MS sms? I liked the MS threaded sms a lot cuz it's a lot faster and can do name prediction unlike the samsung one... I used to have that when I was using 6.5.3... I followed the guide from another thread but I am unable to totally get rid of the Samsung skinned sms app, it always bring me back to the samsung one whenever I "view" or "compose" a new sms. Edit: Problem solved... The registry wasn't recognizing the change due to the fact that the tmail.exe was running in background... (forgotten that pressing the stupid "x" no longer quits the program after 6.5.3..) Anyway back with Threaded MS sms and it's a lot better! A side note is that I found the Samsung skinned sms is quite buggy, at least to what I have seen so far. You are not able to see the time and date of the sms received as they are overlapping with each others; also the number of the sender is messed up with some random codings so you are not able to save it if it's from somebody who is not on ur contact list. Can somebody verify?
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