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  1. Thank you to all the cooks and everyone else who contributed to making the O2 a unique and better machine! Special thanks to AMD for his patience and trying to coach me through the process! Ninja and Steel you all are awesome!
  2. kdkinc.. got the droidx today! earlier than expected! Is there another way to get my contacts transferred over other than syncing with outlook and doing the backup assistant. I am at work and do not have access to sync outlook here.
  3. Thank you very much, sounds like you may be an upcoming droid cook/expert!
  4. I had read where people were having a battery drain because of the open apps? Some people recommended the app killer from the market to help close them. what has been your experience?(decided on the shell/holster combo off cheapdroids.com)
  5. Decided on the x because I realized I use my phone more as a pda(thus bigger is better!) Trying to find a cover/holster combo any ideas? Ideal would be like I seen for the droid 2(hard shell that slides or unsnaps from holster)Do not think I want to carry in my pocket but may try it.DROID DOES! Edit: Thanks to all for the info and encouragement on both sides!
  6. Thank you! Made the plunge into droid orderd the x today now the 2 week wait!
  7. Today i wastold by an employee of oracle (use to be sun computer systems) that they will be switching to droids for their co. phones. Pretty big endorsement! Big enough to push me over now wil it be the x or the incredible? Edit: Can someone explain the difference in the description in memory between the two? The x shows 8gb internal vs incredible only 512mb? I understand ram and the sd cards but the other is puzzling?
  8. With the update that the incredible is getting(2.2 and 720p recording plus no waiting) it makes it even harder, if it were not for the joy stick on the incredible I probably wouldn't hesitate.I never liked that on the blackberry.it just seems like it would get in the way.
  9. Thanks for the link! It appears a may be quite a wait for the droid x!
  10. Winmo 7 looks like they are going the way of the social networking sites as well, which is not important for me...I am right on the edge..the only reason I would wait for winmo is office mobile,still need to see if droid will do what I need it to do.Was told buy verizon I could do the 30 day thing but would have to pay a 35.00 restocking fee if decide to return phone and would not be bound to a renewal.May be the best way to go.Anyone used gtasks yet it sound like it offers the same features as outlook tasks?
  11. After a bit more reading and researching it appears for now my trusty old omnia is best option.Droid not really set up as a business phone like for what I need unless I am willing to spend more money for apps to make it work.I use excel, tasks quite a bit.It looks like the perfect phone if you r into pictures,video,etc(although faster browsing is appealing!) Edit: Really hoping someone from the droid camp can show me how i can still use excel or similar app as well as outlook tasks.(i use tasks to keep track of prospects and set up reminders and keep notes on where i am with them and what has been said)Word not as important but have alot of docs saved on my phone(sd card). Also what does droid have for backup? i use myphone now.
  12. I would expect the I920 would be ready for the boneyard but why the droidx so soon? I was surprised to the droid2 replace the original so soon. The 1 year contract is beginning to make more sense.
  13. I guess one way to find out is to do a test drive for the 30 and see. I know there is an app ,docs-to-go, that can be purchased but I have a strong dislike for having to buy something like that when it should be a oem on every smart phone.
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