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  1. One question: is it possible to make sms font bigger? It's too small for reading...
  2. I think that the problem is wm 6.1... Try a wm 6.5 or 6.5.x rom! :) 6.1 is too old!
  3. Use this one from xda! It works very well! Remember to backup your current wallpaper first! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...938#post6587938
  4. Yes, you're right! :) Thanks for the help, i'll give a try as soon as possible! EDIT: i tried this script right now! It is very useful! Switching is very fast... I love you man! :D
  5. Could you write a mscr that switch from 50% brightness to autobacklight (and viceversa)? Thanks man!
  6. I have replaced camera.exe with this one but i have an issue: even if i put phone on mute, focus and shutter sound are still there.. For you? It has same behaviour?
  7. Could i know why? Htc album doesn't work as a standalone software? Or is it necessary to pass through sense tab?
  8. CellManiac

    [EN][ROM][24/09/2010] Sense 2.5.2018

    Thanks for the help. I'll try to ask there...
  9. Does anyone know if it is possible to make a separate cab to install htc album on roms which not have sense installed? Thanks..
  10. CellManiac

    [EN][ROM][24/09/2010] Sense 2.5.2018

    First, thanks for the reply.. I would ask to you if it is possible to take necessary files from sense to have album fully working..
  11. CellManiac

    [EN][ROM][24/09/2010] Sense 2.5.2018

    You may use a third party lock application like as s2u2 or pocketshield...
  12. CellManiac

    [EN][ROM][24/09/2010] Sense 2.5.2018

    Hi to all, i would ask if it is possible to have htc album cab in order to install it in other i8000 roms... I'll be happy to donate something to who helps me..

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