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  1. Are those battery lifes quoted realistic? They seem to be an order of magnitude different to any droid I've seen.
  2. Please delete
  3. Amazing! Would you be able to add a 'market:' link, as I often browse this from my phone? Thanks Martin
  4. I get control characters in adb shell... like something is trying to color them: ←[1;34mcache←[0m ←[1;34mconfig←[0m ←[1;36md←[0m -> ←[1;34m/s ←[1;34mdata←[0m ←[0;0mdefault.prop←[0m ←[1;34mdev←[0m ←[1;36metc←[0m -> ←[1;34m ←[1;32minit←[0m ←[1;32minit.bravo.rc←[0m I think this is preventing file explorer in the dev kit from working
  5. Hi I have a bit of a situation. I have just got an Orange SPV C500... SIM unlocked it straight away, so I could use my O2 PAYG card in it. Works great. I want to set up my MMS... I've set up the connection (WAP & MMS) fine, and the WAP works great. However, I can't set the MMSC, and the configuration option fo this seems to have been removed on the C500. Some forum entries suggest it is in Start -> Configurations, but it's not... just BT, CSD, and GPRS settings. I manged to download the fine from iMate containing these settings, which can be installed into the registry using a CAB file, but of course, orange applock this phone. Tries app unlocking it, but it seems you need to be on an orange contract to do this. Hmmmm Does anyone have any ideas? Help would be appreciated. Thanks Martin
  6. Ahhh yes... this old chestnut. Basically... there's a long and a short answer. The short answer is, no, you can't do it. The long answer is, yes you can, but you can ONLY view web pages or wap pages, you can't use email (POP3 or IMAP) and you can't use MSN Messanger. Here's why: For PAYG customers, you only have access to GPRS WAP, and not GPRS Mobile Web (like contract customers do)... there are currently talks at O2 to possibly introduce mobile web, however, they are still in the descision process, and no dates have been set, if it ever happens. There is a little 'hack' however. O2 do provide a http proxy on their WAP gateway. Here are the settings: Go to Start, Settings, more, Data Connections. choose Menu, 1-Edit connections, 3 Proxy connections add a new connection Connects from: WAP Network (ensure you have your GPRS WAP set up correctly... I'm not going into that here) Connects to: The Internet Proxy: Type: HTTP Username: (leave blank) Password: (leave blank) choose Done, and again now choose "O2 Wap" or whatever you called your wap connection for both your WAP connection, and your Internet connection... that should do it. Any problems, let me know.
  7. ahem... shouldn't this thread be on the 'generic' smartphone forum... it's relevant to ALL smartphones, not just the voyager... read the sticky thread before posting
  8. What are the main differences between the O2 and Orange Roms... would I see any benefit from changing to the orange, what would I gain / lose?
  9. Hi Does anyone know of a charger capable of charging the batteries for these *without the phone*. I have 2 batteries see, but what use are they unless you can leave the spare on charge while using the other one. I have scoured google to no avail... please help, someone, if you can. Oh, I do know that it's possible to modify certain chargers to 'fit' this battery... I just don't like doing that with 'smart' Li-ion batteries - you never know what elec. gizmos they've stuck in there. Martin
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