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  1. Download link updated on original download page. Thanks for reporting a dead link! https://sites.google.com/site/recas005/
  2. Wow! Nice work! I'll give it a try as soon as i've some spare time. Glad to see that someone is still in active development for the S500. It's still a very nice phone. Can I add your kernel to a possible updated version of RECA ROM? Thnx!
  3. Why? Does it add some new features to the S500? It's a Belgium Mobistar version so I doubt it. If there are indeed some new features I'll give it a try.
  4. No, except if something is broken. Then please tell me and I'll try to fix it. I use it as my daily ROM and experience no problems...... Maybe in the future an kernel update to add CPU gouvernors.
  5. I personally always do a clean install. Till now I've experienced no random reboots. I recommend you to do a clean install because there are a few system apps changed, and they need an update through Google Play store. It's much saver to backup and restore all apps+data with Titanium Backup.
  6. IF YOU DID READ THE WHOLE THREAD YOU DIDN'T HAD TO SCREAM!! Wimmme did a wonderfull job by creating a mirror.........if you create one to i'll add it to the download page
  7. It's okay with me. I used kingfiles for FTP uploading and resuming upload when connection is lost. I've a very limitit bandwith so that's why. With kingfiles it's possible to earn money but that's not why I used it. I earn $0,01 at this moment LOL :-P Thank you for the mirror! @Wimmme: Can I add it as a mirror in the first post?
  8. If I try to download without a modyfied Google Play store is says that the Game isn't compatible with our device......so that's why it isn't working I assume. For other games/apps (wich are compatible) I didn't notice any problems Yeah......you're fast. While testing the "old" v1.1 there were still some bugs so I updated again. I thought no one had noticed the new version so I silently deleted is and uploaded a new one ;-) I Dissagree: Where do you get that the battery life and stability would be better with odexed ROM? I assumed that it has nothing to do with it. If I'm wrong please give me the resources where you did find the information. Also DeOdexed ROM is NOT slower. Only on first boot procedure because then the Dalvik Cache is created and it will take a while. Once created, the next (re)boot is as fast as with an Odexed ROM. Only when you delete Dalvik-cache the first (re)boot after that would be slower. Please guys, keep in mind that this ROM is close to stock! I didn't make any changes to CPU gouvernors or other kernel parameters (except disabling /system write protection and adding init.d script support). Maybe I add some CPU gouvernors to the kernel in the future. Thank you all for your feedback!
  9. Updated ROM version with several bug fixes. Could you please try the new version (clean install is best) and report if you still have problems installing Asphalt 8?
  10. It could be caused by a few things: 1. Your LCD density. Set it back to 320. (run the installer and choose for update/modify, then choose normal density) 2.More likely: there are a few Google Apps issues with v1.0 of RECA ROM. Maybe this is why it cause a problem with Asphalt 8. RECA v1.1 is soon to be released where I fixed the crashes and errors of some system apps. In the meanwhile you can try to install http://goo.im/gapps/gapps-jb-20121011-signed.zip in CWM or TWRP Remember to make a backup before you change anything.... Please let us know what fixed your problem.
  11. Yes, you can install it via Google Play. I think I found what is causing the trouble........i'll fix it soon in upcoming version.
  12. Depends on what you choose while installing ;-) If you choose AcerShell Enabled it will show you Acer callerscreen, if disabled the stock Android
  13. Not a project for me.....I'm no developer just a ROM cooker (I'm Physician Assistant in daily live), I mix things to create a ROM for my daily use to share with you all......It results in a stable ROM close to stock. If you like more features maybe someone else can make them. Init.d scripts same story... If one needs more info or files for further development of this ROM please contact me, I would be happy to share them.
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