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  1. hey everyone, I have been running with a ROM for quite a few months now.. and for some reason my phone has slowed down... so I would like to factory reset it so that its as if reloads everything again from scratch.. removes all the programs, fresh install.. how do you do this ??? is there a hard reset button ?? or do i have to reflash the rom again ?? also i dont want MyStorage deleted... thanks!
  2. thats unfortunate news.. i am similar to you in that i dropped my phone and now when closed the keypad doesnt line up properly.. and like you i think hmmmmm should just get a new phone... haha.... but you have been awesome with your support for the b7610.. without you a lot of people would be running slow and horrid samsung rubbish... so THANK YOU! :P
  3. awesome!!! original armani was the best ROM yet... looking forward to downloading and upgrading to this one... you really are the best !!!
  4. I agree that the Armani is a great ROM and i have been using it since it was released.. works great and is very fast... looks fantastic too !! however it doesnt seem to be available anymore.. so you can only hope an update to it comes out....
  5. i've been using this ROM since it was first released.. and i must say it still runs really really well.. its fast, and does all i want, and looks great !! :D have their been any new updates of the armani firmware since this rom was built ??
  6. i was dissapointed that when this phone came out, Samsung didnt support it... most likely because they were concentrating on windows 7 phones... this phone had everything and i couldnt believe it was abandoned as soon as it was released.. not even released at all in many many countries.. personally i think its a great phone.. but what i hate the most.. is how slow the Samsung SMS reader is.. OMG... how on earth can you release something like this that works soooo bad.. its a disgrace... luckily i can turn off the samsung interface and use the default windows one.. wow... that is heaps faster..... but i think the big dissapointment is Samsung abandoned us soon after release.. and why they did this i dont know.. as this phone has everything and works fine.. just needs good software.... i feel worse for the people who purchased the armani version though.. paying all those extra dollars for a pretty case and again getting no support or updates... we were all ripped off... but i do make the most of it.. this is still a powerful phone with many great features... just have to find good 3rd party apps, install them, and turn off all samsung features....
  7. wow.. this looks like it would be a great rom.. good luck with it... :D
  8. and yes he is correct... it takes a LOT of time... but once you get the process going it is pretty straight forward.... thanks for sharing with everyone the way you cook your roms.... it will be useful for everyone to share and use this knowledge....
  9. now its time for someone else to step up !!! who's it going to be ?? :lol:
  10. ahhhh yes... i get that too... always need to restart.... not real good....
  11. have been using this for a few weeks now.. using titanium for the main menu instead of samsung widgets.... works great !!! very fast, very stable !!
  12. hey i see the .cpr and registry files for these samsung items.. such as touch player.. which is very cool.... but what app needs to be run to update the panel information and registry keys so that it fills in the information about the current track, etc .. ??
  13. i just rebooted and now i have no lock screen... so now i have copied the lockscreen.lnk into \Windows\Startup and everything is working well again... :(
  14. yeah for some unknown reason i was stuck with the win 6.5 lock screen.... anyhow, finally solved it so if it happens to anyone else then change the following registry key..... "HKCU\Software\Samsung\LockScreen\Lock" value to 2
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