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  1. Hello all, it's bin a while since i've been on the boards as i'd defected from my M3100 to a samsung D900 (heaven and PPC phone god forgive me!) i've rejoined the light side and purchased myself a HTC Touch dual (OMG it's beautiful!) and the size difference from the D900 is negligable! I love the touch interface and i love wowing my friends with all the functions, and a proper numeric dial pad WOO!!!!! Now to the main reason for the thread, as some might have guessed from the title i'm a new MAC owner, i completely forgot about this as i ordered my new lovely from the internet while on the mac! so i last night downloaded mark/space's the missing sync, a lovely app, which makes transferring my contacts, ical dates notes/reminders etc seamless, although for the love of me i could not get the bluetooth sync to work, but hey i'm not too bothered about that as the cable is almost always plugged into my mac anyway! Mac owners, go get it!
  2. Hey gusys i've been considering buying a mac but i've noticed that activesync will not go on a mac - quite a bummer seeing as i love my m3100 and i sync everyday my calendars, e-mails etc to it. After trawling through the t'interweb i've seen a programme called the missing sync here at http://www.markspace.com/ I was wondering has anyone used this before? And if so is it any good? It looks very handy litle app so fingers crossed!
  3. Like most of the posters here i don't use a case with my M3100 or a screen protector, i just give it a wipe down with a lens cloth after i've used it a bit, and as jimbouk said i put al other things in one pocket and the phone in another - something i religiously do now after i left my keys in the same pocket as my m2000 and had nice scratches down the screen!
  4. Hey, not sure i can help but i've just tried to put a .mp3 file in the root of the windows directory (as i usually do with my wav's for my sms tones) but alas it doesn't recognise the mp3 format. I'd advise you to use a mp3 to wav converter (i use cool edit pro) to get your tunes as sms etc
  5. definitely go for one, i couldn't live without the functionality and the keyboard!
  6. It's usually when i'm in signal but usually is present when i'm at work in the city, but seems to be white when i'm in the suburbs, could it mead i'm in a HDSPA area? well it's not affected my useage so i'm not too bothered but it'd be nice to know what it is
  7. Hey guys just seen an interesting thing this week on my 3100. When i switch the phone on or take it out of flight mode the little antenna icon is white for a while then when i look later on that day when i'm at work and for the rest of the day the icon is a yellow/brown colour now it doesn't matter if it's on the 3G network or GSM. Does this mean anything specific or is it 'one of these things' that appears on wm5 Cheers
  8. For comfort you can't beat a Jabra, i've got the BT 200 and BT 250 - one for phone, one for laptop skype, great headsets, although not tried it with music - how do ya use it like that then?
  9. Are ya waiting for them to ring you back? I waited 10 days and no joy so i just rang them and told them i was waiting for stock and they sorted it out there and then! A lot of people have said that orange CS are really bad at callbacks, and for my one episode where i required a callback, i never recieved it, so it seems to be true they are a bit rubbish :). My tip is just to keep ringing them and badger them, they may have some on a 'waiting list' or for 'new users' and might use them for the retentions people if badgered enough! Hope this helps, and hope you like the M3100, it's a great piece of kit! :D
  10. I was looking at the M5000 but it looked too big for my use! So i opted for the hermes (M3100) which is wonderful, now when i see my BA it looks HUGE - the screen anyway, it is thinner than my 3100 but not so chunky to carry around
  11. If you like the old monkey island, day of the tentacle, simon the sorcerer etc and you have the originals you can download pocket scumm, where you can play the old point and click style games go to http://www.scummvm.org/ and see what you think, i've used it on my blue angel but not tried it on the hermes yet but the latest release is supportive of windows mobile 5
  12. I usually convert my files from mp3 to wma, then copy them to the \windows folder on the phone itself, then it'll appear on the list of optional sms notifications. I tend to use the orange lady - 'you have one new message' taken as a soundbite from the orage answerphone, i originally got it from coolsmartphone, but can't seem to locate it now - prolly not looking right but if ya pm me i'll post it up, sorry at work at the mo so can't do it yet. Paul, if this isn't allowed let me know, don't want to tred on anyone's toes or get modaco into trouble Cheers
  13. O...K (calls in riot police) didn't mean to cause an argument, it's just that i'd read about the battery life problems on the HW6510 and thought that the trinity would suffer similarly, i didn't mean to imply that the 3100 with a bt GPS was better it's just that i would personally stick with my 3100. (backs slowly out if the room!)
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