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  1. Yep. I tried restoring with that folder and it gave me that message. I'll try again when I have time.
  2. When I try to use recovery it just says "MD5 mismatch" :blink:
  3. I'm using the latest official redbull rom. Nice and fast and the battery lasts for days with it.
  4. I installed Pepe24's rom on the 22nd. Gave my phone a full charge that night and my battery is still just under 1/2 full. So that's 3 days and counting :)
  5. I installed this ROM last night and it seems pretty good. Nice and fast. One slight niggle is that annoying message you get when you turn off wifi. If I remember correctly you can disable it by changing something in build.prop using Root Explorer. Can anybody tell me what you change? I've completely forgotten! On a side note - you should be able to use any framework designed for 2.1. I used Ogiogi's Cyan 2.2 from here and it works fine. Although you do have to go into build.prop to change the clock/text colour in the notifications bar.
  6. I've tried to get this rom work. I wiped everything before installing but I still get the customAPKhidden error message. So i've given up with it.
  7. I got it to install but get the customAPKhidden force close message as soon as it boots up.
  8. I'll wait to see if a usable version of this ROM appears. I'm quite interested in it still.
  9. Won't install. I get an error message: E: Can't chown/mod /system/sd (no such file or directory) E:Failure at line 369: set_perm 0 0 0777 SYSTEM:sd ;)
  10. It's working for me as well now. I think it's because megaupload is a bit crap if you aren't a paid member as it severely limits the amount of times your files can be downloaded. I'm downloading now so i'll give my impression of the ROM when it's installed.
  11. Link aint working for me either. Once it's sorted i'll upload it to mediafire so people can use that.
  12. I agree. There was absolutely no need for him to be rude about it. I know I don't ;)
  13. At the moment it won't work as it's a RAR file and not a zip. Here's hoping a proper ZIP file is uploaded that works properly.
  14. Does this work or not? I'm quite interested in a ROM with the U8500 emotion widgets in!
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