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  1. Works like a charm on exp37 ROM. I am now trying to install facebook and twitter tabs. In vain. Any ideas, or a cab to include them all?
  2. Welcome! Shall we expect performance improvements? PS - A suggestion, master. I wonder if you could keep the same ROM implementetions under the same thread, like the xda devs do. For instance, we could have all Sense ROMs in the 1st page of one thread, with ROM links added on top with a description of improvements, bug fixes, e.t.c. IMO, this will keep the room tidy and clean, make our lives easier for searching and deciding what to use, helps you build a stronger profile with more donations :huh: Now, there are soooo many dead subjects here for older ROMs, people are lost because a cab or something useful was posted "somewhere in Modaco" and so on...
  3. Off course you can have your B7610 exactly as you like. There are so many UI for our device, both free and paid, that you would not know what to choose. You can get rid of the samy UIs (life and work) by unchecking today items. You are on winmo 6.5+ right?. Most effective is to install a custom ROM, clean of Samsung rubbish. In any case, all the info is in Modaco, take a seat and search thoroughly. <Samsung Settings><System><Input Method><Word Completion> uncheck "Suggest words...". Me, I do not use XT9 either (with spell correction and auto substitution), because qwerty is much faster. <Samsung Settings><Display and Light><Items on Today> check "Windows Default" only. This is the classic winmo 6.5 interface, often called Titanium.
  4. - In terms of stability and performance, I would suggest the hybrids with closed eyes. - If you look for best implementation of the ultimate user fliendly UI, go for the last Sense Rom. - The nicest Roms, IMHO are the B7620 (Armani) Rom implementations. All are from Daskalos' collection (God saves him!). As you can see there is no single answer to your question.
  5. Oops sorry for wrong spelling; it's kinoma. Seems to have potential, but runs slow on my device. As for the Samy TP, I will stick to exp37 for the time being, and to 3rd party software. Any tips for correct TV out using Coreplayer? Video is displayed only in portrait.
  6. - Yes, I meant g-alarm. Superb! - WinVibe Pro, heh? Thanks, I'll give it a try. BTW, what's your opinion about nitrogen and kinome, as media pleyers? - Thanks for the tips. TCPMP, my all time favorite has problems playing my mp4. Tried to install codecs unsuccessfully, and I gave up, prefered coreplayer which played them directly out of the box. Unfortunately, it is not free. None can be compared to Samsung's TP, for its finger-friendliness, divx-codecs support, smooth and fast interface is unparallel.
  7. Install samsung settings (fixed cab, sorry for not providing link, it's somewhere in this thread). Works 100%. Set usb connection to mystorage or storagecard (as usual). You MUST do this if you want to transfer large files like movies, etc. Period.
  8. That's good news, thanks ajeshm! I look forward to creating a new Sense ROM (thanks in advance dask). How faster is this Sense on B7610? Do you think that this is opengl vs 2 compatible?
  9. Bugs(?) on experiment 37: - Samsung Tclock cab works, but alarm is dumb. No sound can be set to be heard (installed g-alarm, got rid of this samsung app). Next day: Now I know that the problem is more general; the phone and the alarm cannot play a ringtone other than built in sounds. Even that is limited to some specific pcm wavs... - Windows media player crashes every now and then, especially when I multitask. Etiquette motion control messes badly with wmp, and songs are not played smoothly - Default screen lock does not actually locks the screen. It says so, dims the screen, but all titanium panels remain clickable. PS - Tried to use an alternative media player in order to replace SAMSUNG's Touch Player. Unfortunately, this app is unbeatable, and all 3rd party apps I tested are crap in comparison to it, including coreplayer and kinoma.
  10. Ideas: - Try to flash with an official ROM. Clear your internal memory as well. - Full flash with secany's rom, csc, e.t.c. Clear your internal memory as well.
  11. Any chance to have a working touchplayer here?
  12. Thanks dask! When I find the time, I will try to "play" with exp37.
  13. Hmmm... I wonder if RAM is kept high with SPB Shell (vs 3.5.5) on. Currently I am on hybrid 2.8 (to my experience, the stablest full ROM up to now), which munches my RAM in less than 2 days. Then phone is unusable and need to softreset. Anyone to notice that with the shell on this ROM?
  14. hmmmm... I also experienced a no-glitch situation after installing mi_wm_PRO_sdk_redist_2_2_0 instead, and all of a sudden, after a couple of days it froze! I'll be waiting to see what happens after some days and some softresets. For heavens sake don't pull out the battery, press the reset hole with the stylus!
  15. Well, I have to say I was in the same frame of mind with you a couple of months ago. In no case the out-of-the-box experience was a charm (but which winmo device is?). I knew I did not buy an iphone, I liked experimenting... All good people here provided me with amazingly rich content, for testing, experimenting, and bringing the phone to where I like. It's all about customizing, and played a lot. Sometimes I came accross sw (e.g. Daskalos Hybrid ROM 2.8) that can turn your B7610 into a solid rock device in terms of stability (comparable to a closed UI device), without glitches, lag, bla bla bla... but I did not stopped there, I continued to play, to test, this device almost ask for that! I don't disagree with you, it's just that my experiences are different from yours. So, sticking to a relatively stable ROM, and not while checking a ROM with -let's say- the deep sleep bug: - I never lost a call, I knew that Samsung keeps 3 rings low and then increases the volume, but in noisy situations I used vibrator in parallel... - Multitasking in windows mobile is maybe its strongest point over competitors. Again, keep your RAM clean, and avoid autoclosing patch in some ROMs, coming to - Autoclosing has always been an inherent winmo spec, it's how windows manage the memory, and once you cope with that, all your concern will cease. Samsung's decision to put an "autoclose app" setting was unfortunate, winmo memory management as it is it's optimal, not much eating RAM, not much battery consumption, provided that your ROM has not memory leakages (again, like Daskalos Hybrid ROM 2.8). Ask yourself what you want, to experiment with new interfaces, try hundreds of programs, become a beta ROM tester, even develop something for this awesome device, or stick with sw that does your job flawlessly? It seems to me that it is the last thing that you want, and believe me, there is sw that can make that. PS - To all B7610 ROM developers, you make a really great job, and without you the b7619 would be uninteresting. However, in my opinion there is a great lot of work been done for inserting new and sometimes unimportant characteristics, and little work for developing further good old recipes. Thank God, still there is a minimum number of ROMs, that saves it. Thanks for that.
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