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  1. Bought this deal. The phone developed a speaker fault. Got a new phone as replacement under the 28 days new replacement. The new phone is locked to O2 and has branded boot screen and background. No other branding. Now to find a cheap unlock service ....
  2. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.M...e=search_result LazyDroid Web Desktop - RC1 Amazing remote desktop! Similar to Remote Web Desktop - which I'm just installing
  3. FYI Topcashback also offer £101 back when you purchase phone and one accessory from O2. Accessories can be had fro £4.99 upwards.
  4. Never used anything but MCRs since buying my N1. Great ROMs all the way and I really appreciate all the work that Paul has put in. r26 has its strengths. With Gingerbread comes improved speed and (for me) battery life but the frequent boot loops just don't make this release a usable ROM on a daily basis. With so many new exciting Android devices coming out, I expect that's Paul's time is better spent on these devices. For me it's time to leave this ROM behind. CM7 is the next stop hopefully it's as good as the reviews, if not its back to stock.
  5. http://code.google.com/p/androidscreencast/ Android screencast may fit the bill?
  6. Yup exactly same problem has developed today - no notification sounds on email/sms/gtalk. Trackball coloured coded notifications still function - using Trackball Alert Pro. Still cant get over the speed improvements!
  7. hmm hit by the reboot loop. Gr26 installed on 4 or 5 March Upgrade process using Amon recovery. Started with r24 with standard A2SD option, complete wipe as per instructions. Installed r25 with 04 radio, then installed Gr26 with 08 Radio, no wipe performed. No reboots or crashes until yesterday. Have had three reboot loops in the past 24 hours, all recovered with pulling the battery. Two reboots whilst using the phone, no particular task, the third reboot was whilst the phone was on charge during the early hours of the morning. Otherwise the ROM runs wonderful and there is a definite speed improvement with LauncherPro
  8. 24 hours since upgrading from r25 (Gb) with 04 radio to r26 (Gb) with 08 radio, no wipe. r26 has significant speed improvement over r24 (Froyo) and so far appears to have better battery life. The only problem encounter was with Tweetdeck. After launching and entering user credential, all the account details download but at the point where the feed information downloaded the program FC'ed. Solution was to use to Ti backup, firstly to wipe Tweetdeck program data and then to uninstall, then reinstall from the market. Great work Paul!
  9. @BTJ - I get the same error with new radio and r26 bundle. Been using r25 since last night and have seen a definite speed improvement over r24. Running LauncherPro. Battery life also appears to be improved but still too early to say for sure. Bravo Paul!
  10. I spent some of the weekend pulling my hair out trying to figure out how A2SD works. Although there are a lot of installation instructions, I found little information about how to actually move apps to the SD card. Ultimately I figured it all out, searching a number of Android sites... It would be useful to know what Recovery and ROM you are using. From what I have read the sdcard can be formatted as you have done, just make sure you do it in the order the instruction state. A far easier method is to use AmonRA's recovery if you have it installed. It will let you partition and format exactly how you have stated above all from your phone. Remember to convert ext2 to ext3, again this can be done AmonRA's recovery. Flash your ROM (I'm using MCR r24) This is the bit that fixed me the most..... From here on any apps that are installed, will be stored on the SD card, although they appear to be installed on the phone. There is no special procedure to follow to push the app to sd from what I have seen. At first I was sceptical, but after installing large apps, although the phone memory does go down a little it certainly doesn't store the whole app on the phone. Hope this is of some help.
  11. A bit OT ..... Has anyone opened a large PDF files on the Vega? My Nexus One struggles rendering the graphics from MoneyWeek pdfs and often just gives up. No FC, just stops rendering. What's the speed of render and readability of text like? Has anyone created an invert colour app (white text on black background) or capability into a pdf reader? Cheers
  12. Same here - Stock Orange Hero with OTA 2.1. eternal download on SMS backup
  13. Suffering the same problem here with stock Orange Hero running the OTA 2.1 upgrade. Hopefully a solution will be posted soon.
  14. I had exactly the same problem. Baked ROM through the kitchen, included the new radio. Nandroid backup. Wipe Cache and installed. Booted to ask for agree location then black screen with only top menu bar visible showing no reception. I went back to delete the both caches, booted same problem. Did a complete wipe, installed the same ROM with radio, again same problem, started to sweat. Baked another ROM without the Radio, installed perfectly. The phone has the new radio, probably from the first ROM flash and is running r22. Use WaveSecure to backup and restore SMS and Titanium for App and and app data, if you don't already.
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