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  1. Ta funcionando o 3g pra vcs, aqui soh consigo conectar em edge.
  2. what program is executed when we push the start button in 6.5, how can i link to it? tried \windows\start.exe but it shows the old menu.
  3. Valeu cara, vou guardar aqui caso precise. Vc pagou pra alguma tecnica de celular pela rom?
  4. How can i have the screen like this one with the close and start on top and remove the bar at the bottom of the screen? http://www.modaco.com/index.php?act=attach...st&id=60422
  5. Pode me dar uma ajuda, andei lendo no forum mas ainda to meio perdido Tenho um omnia brasileiro i900L pda: i900LVIHJ5/VIHJ5 pra atualizar a rom tem algum problema de deixar esse vihj5 ou eh melhor atualizar tbm com o dxdi1? e como faz a atualizacao, com o pda e eboot junto?
  6. and thats the difference to iphone, at least apple dont throw a new device every month expecting users to buy a new one just to get a software update.
  7. is there a way to change the default dialer when i press the dial button? if so what are the best alternatives?
  8. you have a link for the theme? looks so nice and stylish.
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