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  1. Installing a JE1 over yours works fine for 6.5.3 too. Thanks drorcun,
  2. Thank you very much drorcun :rolleyes: It's for 6.5 though I need for 6.5.3 Thanks anyway
  3. Sorry jebise but what this has to do with roms? This thread is supposed to discuss issues regarding Roms.
  4. Did you try it gchris with app launcher? If you have, give us a screenshot please But why to build a rom with something which can easily make it yourself. It's much better to leave the rom with a basic theme and everyone build whatever he likes. Cheers
  5. Hi Gary, I have a rom version without Samsung Today but I have install it by cab. Works fine except shortcuts that do not work although I have add shortcutpicker.exe Do you know what else should I add in order to work? Probably something you deleted from registry? Thank you.
  6. Gary is right it was JC2 23549 which had this problem with the lock screen. And he posted a registry change in that thread. Take a look there.
  7. You are on the wrong thread. Yes, I used to have this version and this was an issue that never solved. Flash a new rom.
  8. It's necessary to do it to solve your problems (or at least try). Do it this way and will not be erased. Shutdown device. When device is off, press buttons volume up (on the left) power off (on the right) and answer key (green -down left) and reject (red key -down right) and keep them till the device boots up and shows the message "Format" or "continue" or something similar that I don't remember. At this stage leave all buttons and select answer button (Green) This is HR and the "My storage" will be left untouched. Cheers
  9. I have 23113 and I don't have any of your issues. Which version phone part do you have? Did you Hard Reset after flashing? No other problems seen? ;) You got enough already man.
  10. My rom is 23113 and has Athens timezone and works fine. Seems like Daylight saving issue. When in Samsung's Clock app on World Clock does the time has a sun on top of time? Tap on GMT+2 Athens etc and activate "Automatic system time zone update" Please guys mention always which rom you are talking about.
  11. Hey guys, Please mention your exact ROM since Gary has released 5 JD1 ROMS so other people know what are you talking about. On mine JD1 23113 video call works fine. In order video call to work must "Band selection" be on "Automatic" and you should have 3G available network in the area.
  12. 23113 version works just fine for me. No hangs or anything else so far. Just remember to HR each time you flash a new rom. Please if anyone has Samsung Today in cab from JD1 which works correctly please let me know. I already have two but none works ok on shortcuts. Thank you.
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