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  1. So, what happened? I'm interested to find out, lol.
  2. I've just finished flashing to stock. Formatted the SD card (from Settings option in phone). It's still unlocked and not sure if it's still rooted - I'm guessing it is, don't care. All my contacts and everything is gone, so good sign. Like OP, how do I make sure it's completely clean? EDIT: Clockworkmod is still there though. How do I get rid of/replace that back to original? :o
  3. Bump for suggestions as I am also looking to sell my San Fran (upgrade time!). I don't understand why one would lock their phone back up. Selling unlocked phones is sometimes more profitable, no? Also, I'm going to flash back to stock rom, but OP isn't. I'm confused why not. Doesn't it look illegitimate that way? Also, I did TPT to GEN2 from GEN1 so, I'll need to do that too, I presume. Again, I didn't want to create a new topic esp. when this is a recent thread on the same subject so tell me if I am in the wrong.
  4. Yami Prem

    eduroam wireless and Blade

    We use Eduroam as well. I had to set up a proxy too, which was given in the instructions by my uni. The rom I am using doesn't have a proxy setting, so I had to download a separate proxy app for that bit. Don't you have a guide on your uni website?
  5. Hey, this is my current screen. It's very basic. Just using Moldovan Mile-High-Mountain-Pie RLS9 with Sami's Ice Cream Sandwich theme. Launcher: Go Launcher EX (Ice Cream Sandwich theme). Thanks to SLFBLADE up there for that My Phone Number widget, it's helpful for folks like me who can't remember 11 digit numbers. :D ____ Anyway, I'm looking around for any cool cosmetics upgrades to my homescreen. I'm a pure visual guy and enjoy a bit of eye-candy.
  6. I was waaaaay over due for a re-flash. Was running on GSF 17. Flashed Moldovan Mile High Mountain Pie RLS9 today (seems like the new buzz) with Undervolt Kernel. Then applied this theme and everything works perfectly. Thanks Sami!
  7. Good find! Looks awesome.

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