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  1. dabotsonline

    Could and should Garmin enter the Smartwatch market?

    At $250 or $300 (depending on version, plus $15 worldwide shipping), isn't the Omate TrueSmart a more powerful and flexible option than the above £200+/£300+ options?
  2. dabotsonline

    Paul Reviews... the UBiQUiO 501

    Stumbled across this vintage review after reading an article on The Register: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/11/27/ten_technology_fails/page4.html ! Just a suggestion, Paul: many of the instances of *it's* should actually be *its*.
  3. Is OneSocial just a social network aggregator then, Paul? It's an interesting idea but, as well as Nokia Social (as Ferrum Master said), doesn't Scope app already perform a similar function? There's also Life Is Better On / Libon for an aggregated phone address book.

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