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  1. Well, ive realized that it may be the battery, so i pushed and held the soft reset button while i was charging it, which gave it enough power to start the flashing process. i've got the CF03 verizon ROM installed now, and the phone fully charged. Since this is a fresh install - can you recommend me of a good firmware/flash and a link? thanks
  2. I've ordered a battery from eaby but itll take a few days. how can i get the phone to becognized by my pc? maybe ill just re-flash it.
  3. Guys -- I need help. The other day my i910 omnia phone was fine, i plugged it into my USB cable to charge as usual. couple of hours later im checking it and its dead. i pushed the power button but nothing. I tried the wall charger -- it lights up for a second red power button blinks, and power shuts off. a few secs later it turns on again with the batter charge i con, and shuts off again. i tried to push the power button and it starts to boot until a few secs later when it shuts off again. i dont know what happened or how to fix this please help!
  4. I don't know much about SB. Can it restore everything after a hard reset? including installed apps, configs, system changes etc?
  5. Found a solution. the RDP didn't have anything to do with the tethering apps, but with the fact i'm running WM 6.5. Both the MS and spliter versions will not work with WinMo 6.5. Good news -- there is a version that does! http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...m/#entry1139211
  6. I'm considerting a hard reset. Is there an app similar to ghost where i can create an exact image of the phone so i could restore it to its current state after a hard reset if i wanted to?
  7. Hey guys, I have both the Omnia tethring and RDP installed, however after i installed the tethering/wifi CABs my RDP won't connect anymore. Can anyone confirm this? If you use both apps, or if u have the tethering setup, can you install the RDP and test to see if it connects? Thanks WM6 RDP http://pdaphonehome.com/forums/ppc-6700-xv...top-client.html WMWifiICS http://www.modaco.com/content-page/276545/...40/#entry943144
  8. Thanks. It's a PointUI theme. http://community.pointui.com/topic/suiteto...ointsense-suite
  9. you can just apply for it, it'll arive in a couple days.
  10. hey -- where do i find the exe for the start menu so i could create a shortcut to it? thanks
  11. Thanks! What about you guys? do you keep it as an indicator? seems to me it takes more battery power than help...
  12. hey guys -- how do i remove the top color strip? (pictured)
  13. Just to understand you do this so u wont have to use data for GPS? (like with google maps)
  14. Do you sync it over the air or USB? cause i can get mine on USB.
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