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  1. Hello,


    MMS.apk の

  2. mms not working! my apn ok. I live in japan / I have android xperia arc CyanogenMod 2.3.7 7.2.0 rc1 kernel v20 doom will be ... which is remodule connection 3g or mms? any idea?
  3. MIne is Vodafone-branded too but I got the update.... I notices some perfomance improvement when using Sense,... but not when using GoLauncher
  4. Here is a tutorial to synchronize iTunes with Android: http://androidforums.com/android-media/139...es-android.html
  5. Hello, 1. What version of Sensation are you using? 2. How exactly it is not working? You are getting an error message? Force Close? anything else? I am using Skype on my Vodafone branded Sim-unlocked Sensation without any problems....
  6. www.1shopmobile.com - 589$ and you might get a discount if you ask for. i got one from there and it is Sim-unlocked, Vodafone-branded, S-ON
  7. ;) As Titanium backup is not working until we get root, i was wondering if there is any other method to backup everything. For example is it possible to take an image of existing ROM and then restore this ROM without having root acces?
  8. Hello Paul, Can you please be so kind let me know if there is a temp-root solution for Sensation? Gingerbreak and other thing I tried failed so far.... I could not find anything on forums....
  9. Are we going to have our S-ON units unlocked and when?
  10. Hi, What country is this ROM targeting? Is Japan included? BTW the link seems to be dead..
  11. Even if you have setup your APNs correctly, You also need to fake your UA (UserAgent) to one that is recognised by Softbank. If you do not have an option to change your UA in MMS>Settings then you need to install one of the MMS.apk provided in the first post. hope this helps
  12. The phone would not boot sometimes with 4.28. It is just stuck and the black "android" screen. So i would have to take out the battery and replace it to boot the phone.
  13. This ROM is great, Thank you. But proximity sensors are still a big issue...
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