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  1. Test this driver. If Bt does not work can be done will be hard reset. http://www.rapidshare.com/files/424753076/jh2.ZIP
  2. JH1 pure rom is fully compactibile with my samsug setings ( this package is with bt driver and camera). only unpack this package and reboot phone or flash my last rom with samsung setting. @addaaddamo dsm files need edit(not add to phone!) and create custom build rom. For correct work touch player need add more files to rom... :) build. Pure rom is only without samsung apps. Find lite rom in modaco forum with touch player :)
  3. Jh2 (win 6.5.3) not compactibile of my samsung settings. For correct work BT need replace Bt drivers include in JH2 OemApps folder.
  4. If added all removed apps and added all registry files touch player not working :-(. For work touch player in pure rom needed edit dsm files. Pure rom prefered users they do not need samsumg apps. :)
  5. zzzOEM_FM_Radio.zip Touch player d'not work in any pure rom.
  6. Bluetooth work in versions with samsung settings. For pure versions unpack samsung settings to windows folder and reboot phone.
  7. Net compact framework v 3.7(NCF). Samsung setting and camera included
  8. AS and dialer fixed http://www.rapidshare.com/files/422082550/...aNew_2909v1.zip
  9. Ms build 21916 with JH1 driver and samsung settings. 8Mb pp 110 mb free Ram. First install nevest NCF. http://www.rapidshare.com/files/422082550/...aNew_2909v1.zip Fixed dialer and AS
  10. Hi Sinan. Can you share latest official full 6.1 wm samsung rom (mst or dump.bin)? All link from internet is removed . Thank.
  11. after first boot do not need calibrate display only click to above orange screen.
  12. Latest wm build 28238 with JH2 driver. http://www.rapidshare.com/files/419386175/...thJH2driver.nb0
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