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  1. Is there a native gtalk client for using google chat on WinMo? I had been searching for this for a while now. I tried using Fring, Octrotalk, Palringo, Nimbuzz etc. I am not at all satisfied with these since they dont provide all the features like status messages, profile pictures, offline messages etc. I've been using gtalk on my Blackberry and I really miss a proper client for my B7610. I noticed that HTC provides a good gtalk client on their devices. Is it possible to modify that app to work on Omnia?
  2. After two months of moderate to heavy usage, I am yet to see the issue with my Samsung Plus Class6 card. I believe Samsung Phone <> Samsung Card combination has resolved the issue. Anybody else wants try this card, you can buy it from here mymemory.co.uk. They provide free shipping mymemory.co.uk
  3. I purchased an 8GB Samsung Plus Class6 card. After using it for almost a month, I am yet to see this issue. I had the issue with my stock Sandisk 2GB and Kingston 8GB Class6 cards. One thing I noticed, The card performs faster than my earlier cards. Dont know how it compares with Sandisk Class6.
  4. Is it okay to install SDK 2.2 on WinMo 6.1? Has anyone got this working with accelerometer on B7610 WinMo 6.1?
  5. I too faced this issue 3 times with the stock 2GB Sandisk card. All the 3 times it happened after 2-3 hrs after disconnecting the USB cable from PC. However it has not yet happened with my new 8GB Class4 card. It has been stable for the last 2 months.
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