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  1. Stage one - reallllllly check the APN, etc. to make sure you aren't doing something silly. Stage two - check that the baseband and RIL elements match and are the right ones Stage three - try different BB & RIL combos
  2. Hmm, well I'm running CM10 and the GPS works fine for me. The wifi drain I'm dealing with via a Battery saver that aggressively limits the Wifi usage when the screen is off. The only other issues I'm seeing are the Mic stopping working after a while of uptime (just reboot) and the panoramic camera not working. I'm content to stick with this till a fixed version is released, its easily good enough.
  3. If you read what I wrote, you'll see that Ricardo has had access to the source code for a while, before it was generally released recently. Therefore he's had more time to work with it and integrate with the CM10 codebase. Note also that although this source release incorporates P990 switches, it's released for the SU660, no gurantees that it will compile right for the P990.
  4. Generally they create derivative works, different ROMs - eg like Paranoid Android, etc. Ricardo is the main CM10 guy, and the one who has had access to the source for ICS on the 2X for a while now - hence why people are waiting for him to deliver 2X ready kernels, drivers.
  5. When Ricardo gets CM10 (Jelly Bean) out - which depends on when its ready (couple of days is current guess). Kang and other ROM creators have promised to hold off a while to give him his time in the sun for doing the hard work. As for the stock ICS ROM from LG - sometime this side of hell freezing over, but only just.
  6. Despite what Mr Ranty says - I'm not having a problem with the design, I'm liking what I'm seeing for one very specific reason. It looks like this was built and designed by the same people who created the chromebook. Same processor, same memory, same storage, and very similar design look. In particular that 16GB number is the same as the original chromebook, which now comes in 32GB flavour. If that holds through then the price might be that the Nexus 10 comes in at $299 or close to it. The Chromebook was $249 and although the Nexus 10 has a much better screen, it doesn't have a keyboard or trackpad. So where would $299 leave the $499 maxi ipad? Or the $329 mini ipad either, for that matter? Slotting in 3G, wouldn't be difficult, if they have just reused that chromebook design. 3G adds $70 to the chromebook cost. Monday could throw a tiger into the apple hen house, if Google want to go in for the kill.
  7. For those looking for a translation of the description : 7 "IPS / 1.2 GHz processor / memory 32 GB / WLAN 802.11 b / g / n / 3G / front camera: 1.2 Megapixels / Bluetooth V3.0 / Docking PIN / Android ™ 4.1 / GPS / NFC / ASUS TruVivid technology with Corning ® Glass Fit - Batteries operating time to 9.5 hours! / Stock coming 12/11/2012! So seems to be available in 2 weeks, and for the 3G to have no impact on the battery life. Does anyone know that this site includes VAT? The 16GB price seems, strange.
  8. We know its ICS and they aren't going to suddenly get useful and deliver JB do we? And do we know they are going to properly deliver HW accelerated v4? I wouldn't put it past LG to rebadge the SW stuff that's been around for months ....
  9. sane?

    Nexus 7 Review

    Many thanks Paul. Any word on an Asus only, no Google idiocy, version of the tablet? They had a working 370T design ...
  10. sane?

    Nexus 7 Review

    Sorry, but not mentioning the lack of microSD slot as a major con of this tablet invalidates the review. Whatever you may personally think, with the current state of connectivity its a significantly dumb and apple-like decision by google.
  11. Looks like LG Mobile Singapore is now saying September is the best guess, which means Q4 is more likely, once their usual competence kicks in. It's pathetic.
  12. Another reference from customer support wonks to end of Q2/beginning of Q3 - with carrier-delayed roll out August/September. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1619504&page=5 No idea if this is from someone in the know, or just someone that's read this thread - but given its now May, LG are running out of time to meet their stated timescales.
  13. Hmm, well their posting on their Facebook page said Q2. http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=334420639902596 So either right hand doesn't know what the left is doing (again), or they have delayed the launch of yet another OS update and not told people. Maybe they are thinking end of Q2/beginning of Q3?
  14. Well, in theory LG are supposed to be producing the ICS update for the 2X in Q2 of 2012. It's April, so has anyone heard anything, seen signs of any betas (Paul?) Progress with the CM9 variant ROMs seems to be significant, but they still have issues with particular hardware/software elements - which probably aren't going to get fixed until some from of LG code drops. It would be nice to see ICS before Jelly Bean is released.....
  15. I think the issue is that most people's attention is on ICS, and thus by extension CM9 at the moment. Gingerbread and CM7 are coming to the end and most people have mentally said "I'll leave it as is until I can install ICS safely". There's no discussion here on ICS, so discussion in general is falling away. Maybe Paul would like to give an update on what he knows of LG ICS, or maybe look at CM9. The "Nova HD Plus" ROM, based on the Kang has reached a late alpha stage, although all LG ICS ROMs seem to suffer the same lack of media coding capability (wish someone would fix that). Thing about that particular ROM is the AROMA install (something like a Linux package manager) that allows for similar functionality to the Kitchen at install time - maybe Paul could consider something along those lines?
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