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  1. Yeap also selected Google calanders and that did not install also see no improvement on Bluetooth after selecting advanced Bluetooth option
  2. Thanks for replies. Also i dont seem to have the Power Menu additions just get standard power menu when i hold power button. did not do a wipe when i installed does this matter?
  3. right getting stuck now!! how do i do a wipe via adb? did a search but need a layman's terms. a newbie. ok have dloaded fastboot kit which has adb but cant work out what type in terminal on mac to clear all
  4. Thanks. I am using Amon RA 1.5.2 and this sometimes crashes while I am in usb mode transferring roms. Phone also crashes (restart at will) when in blue screen mode to get Amon RA back on as phone was stuck with black screen and ftm mode in yellow writing
  5. hi all, i now have my daughters pulse and have re flashed the recovery and have tried a few roms but phone some times restarts while i am in recovery mode transferring the roms to the memory card via usb toggle some roms have booted but crash then just lock in the t mobile screen. would i be right in thinking the phone is ready for the bin? any help would be good thanks
  6. its my daughters pulse i originally put 2.1 on it from this site and she has had problems for a while with it switching off after every call. she now cant switch it on at all she has tried getting into fastboot with different key presses but nothing. waiting to get it back from her to see for myself.
  7. its some sort of debug mode phone will not boot into fastboot with any key config. so cant redo back up or get phone to run sometimes get a blue screen with some menu on it but cant select anything
  8. can anyone help my t mobile pulse has stuck in ftm mode and cant get into any other menu has any one got any ideas what i can do? thanks
  9. hi all, i am using a home bake from the kitchen and included maps but every time i switch off i lose maps and have to re install can anyone tell me what i have done wrong. i did a non wipe update from R5. thanks :huh:
  10. the previous guy said to rename rom to update.zip and flash from the update section on the phone hence not using Amon-RA. If i take out my sd card the phone will not start i have to have the sd card in to get up and running.
  11. Thanks for this. the only thing i did difference was to flash the ROM from Amon-RA. and one other thing it will not boot if the sd card is removed just get android logo
  12. hi message comes up with no usb lead plugged and can see sd mounted from the settings section for memory use.
  13. i love this rom fast and great features but i cannot get apps2sd to work i have installed a few roms with apps2sd but no good. i put on terminal emulator and enter "su" then typed in apps2sd this pic is the reply i got? can any one help please :) i was on 1.5 stock went to Hungarian update and now on this any help would be great
  14. Hi, Have flashed the new Hungarian rom to my pulse and it works great no crashing and runs better than 1.5 but i am trying to get apps onto the sd card as there is only 40meg now free on the phone which is peanuts. i have flashed su-2.1-e-signed to the phone and partioned the sd card but still no luck. Anyone know if it can be done or what i need to do. Thanks. Great website
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