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  1. Random comment to win this thing..
  2. "optimized and tweaked RAM optimizations Speed optimizations" What is that supposed to mean?
  3. Could you please tell us what you changed in the framework?
  4. Well, badword you LG. I won't be buying an LG phone again. It will be a Samsung phone.
  5. I came from Gr3 without a wipe, except for dalvik cache. I wiped dalvik-cache and everything works flawlessly :)
  6. Oops. Didn't know that, thanks for letting me know! Luckily this was a simple modification, so I haven't wasted that much time..
  7. Nevermind.. :D Check this out! Hey guys, I've finished a lame hack (which might be a little.. hacky), which makes Spotify use the External SD for storage instead of the small internal SD. I've attached the APK and the modified smali code. I basically changed some strings.. Tutorial: Uninstall your current Spotify installationExtract the archived / zipped APKInstall the modified APKYou're set! Enjoy.CacheLocation.smali.zip spotify2.apk.zip
  8. That sounds good, thanks for the response!
  9. This is just a post to activate the email subscription. Please ignore it.
  10. Hey guys, I'm interested in the Acer Liquid Metal, but I need to know which Dolby settings are available. Could someone please upload a screenshot of the settings? Oh and do they apply globally or just for the Acer music application? Thanks.
  11. This isn't a good idea. If you for some reason don't get into Android anymore, and encounter problems with ADB in recovery mode, there is no way to access the internal SD anymore in order to flash an update.zip.
  12. I guess you flashed your boot partition with the recovery image. Try getting into NVFlash / SmartFlash mode somehow to fix it.
  13. As great as it would be, I doubt it's possible. Many libraries in the system are linked against others and thus depend on them. Changing the bluetooth library could very well make the device stop booting. Someone should just try it though.
  14. I just modded the camera so it can record in Cinema 4k, 3D and @ 60 FPS. Just had to overvolt the CPU by 10v and add a heatspreat to it.
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