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  1. What we know about JG6? It's a 6.5 or what else? Thanks.
  2. Didn't use (waiting for 6.5.3) but of course thanks to Lancez.
  3. Rumors on the web, and we also have confirm on Quattroformaggi's today's list. PDA Version CSC Version Phone Version Contents Version Last Modification Date I8000NXXJG5 I8000PANJG5 I8000XXJF1 I8000PANJG5 2010-08-04 ?? 7:56:16 I8000NXXJG5 I8000VDHJG5 I8000XXJF1 I8000VDHJG5 2010-08-04 ?? 7:39:28 I8000NXXJG5 I8000XEHJG5 I8000XXJF1 I8000XEHJG5 2010-08-04 ?? 7:33:35 Hope they are 6.5.3., waiting for leakers... :-)
  4. I've simply read the list attached: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...ries-downloads/
  5. In Samsung FUS downloader list two JG ROMS appear: Phone Model Product Code PDA Version CSC Version Phone Version Contents Version Last Modification Date GT-I8000 MOB I8000NXXJG2 I8000MOBJG2 I8000XXJF1 I8000MOBJG2 2010-07-27 5:08:29 GT-I8000 PRO I8000NXXJG4 I8000PROJG4 I8000XXJF1 I8000PROJG4 2010-07-26 11:57:18 So something new....
  6. If you want to use spanish language please go in spanish forum. Speak english here, thanks.
  7. News abour R2? I'm waiting for it... :lol: Also please do not remove WMWifiRouter...
  8. Thanks Michy. So maybe it's convenient wait for R2, if it arrives soon... Are you working already on it? Thanks.
  9. Samsung dialer is complete, also videocall is possible? Thanks.
  10. I think the problem is that the Samsung Firmware Downloader, wich was the "substitute" of Secany, is down and we haven't yet a new Secany... someone who post new firmwares. Since he disappears, the only way wss Firmware Downloader by Quattro Formaggi. Now nothing. :-(
  11. News about JF ROMS? Last JEx was released a month ago... . . So JG1 is coming... :) And seems it's 6.5.3. Thanks to lancez: http://www.modaco.com/content-page/310881/...6-5-3/page/65/#
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