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  1. Erm, right. Some of you guys are a real hoot; enjoy all your hoping and finger crossing for BASIC things to be fixed, whilst, on my iPad, I just get on with work, as expected. I am not being rude, but denial is evident in this forum most of the time, and it's just childish to pretend otherwise. I don't think in such a simplistic manner as to assume using an iPad or other Apple device makes me in any way "better" than anyone else (seriously, who thinks like that?) - it's a tool to get things done, and it does them well... and by the looks of things, Hudl 2 is FAR from workable, so if you want to carry on being strung along and fobbed off by Tesco and their Hudl "development team", then please - don't let anyone hinder you, but to be frank, the saving of a paltry ~ £100 between Hudl 2 and iPad just isn't worth the hassle, and I have peace of mind from Apple, as is ALWAYS ALWAYS the case, and always has been ANY TIME I have had the slightest problem with Apple products or services, since the first time I had a MacBook, way back in 2006 (case in point: they've just replaced my TEN YEAR old iPod nano with a brand new latest gen, NO questions). It's like this - you're dealing with Tesco, and therefore getting "Tesco value" levels of customer (dis)-service... is it REALLY worth the saving a few quid on? REALLY? Fling their crappy tablet back at them, and move off in a different, sensible tangent, if you value your time (time is worth exponentially MORE than anything money can buy, or save you from).
  2. Let's get our priorities right, instead of chasing shiny candy - surely it's better for Tesco to sort their issues out first, never mind Lollipop, they can't even sort out BASIC, fundamental issues, so what makes you think a new OS is going to help? Magpie syndrome won't help all the faults, you're FAR better off waiting until these issues are fixed FIRST.
  3. I'll grab a few of these, many thanks for the heads up :)
  4. That's hilarious - reduce the price of the unlock code THREE YEARS after the phone was released, and long, long after everyone's abandoned the junk and moved on. £8.99 is about all the San Diego is worth... never mind the unlock code :D Their slogan always makes me laugh: Yeah, the future may be bright, but it's a shame your marketing team aren't.
  5. I couldn't agree more regarding the use of visual media to explain things. Ten paragraphs of dreadfully formatted, mixed typeface (and often, primary school grammar) do nothing to aid clarity; if in doubt, get your camera out.
  6. You don't _have_ to format it inside the unit, you may format the card using 32KB block size, using "Rufus" on Windows. This is how my 64GB SanDisk was prepared for my Moto G 2nd gen, and nary a problem in 3+ months :)
  7. If you want guaranteed legitimate branded cards and no hassle, buy from mymemory.co.uk - they're a reputable, official SanDisk/Kingston reseller, and their reputation precedes them.
  8. Please read my post history - I had one, and a family member also has one. Do you think I'd post specific, technical opinions on an item I didn't have a valid viewpoint on, having never had one in my posession? That would make me an idiot, wouldn't it?
  9. You do have good points there - my language is overly expressive at times, sorry everyone :)
  10. Tell me; what would be the point of that? People not using HDMI would not be a worthwhile metric in a poll which samples users of the HDMI socket, and determines whether or not the Hudl 2 has an HDMI output fault. That poll option would be utterly irrelevant, and would serve only to provide a metric which is nonsensical when asking people if their HDMI output is working correctly or not. The point of the poll is that people USING this feature report back about its functionality - those who don't use it would just add numbers to a poll, without providing anything useful.
  11. Nexus 7 for Android, bar none. As for Windows, in order of descending price: 1/ Surface Pro 3 2/ Linx 10.1 3/ Voyo A1 Mini
  12. I'm glad to hear that. Maybe it's a certain brand/type/configuration or HDMI spec version of cable that is causing the problem, then.
  13. And so we see another flaw to add to the rapidly mounting list of flaws of this cheap tablet. Tesco REALLY need to pull their socks up and sort this shambles out. As an electronic engineer, I can't see this being a software issue, as bending the cable made the connection work. Such complex devices are full of minute and intricate mechanisms, each of which need to work properly for the overall experience to be a success, and for Tesco to have a winning product. This looks like Tesco are going to have a more than just a few returns for quite a while to come. Sort it out, Tesco - you need to get everything working smoothly. With current confidence in Tesco's overall competence and ethical standards at an all time low, every little helps, and they need to snap to it, have a rocket up their bums and sort their business out pretty snappy.
  14. Please cast your vote, many thanks folks :) Please refer to this help article before voting, many thanks: http://ttselectrical.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3634/~/connecting-your-hudl-to-a-tv-via-an-hdmi-cable I have a micro HDMI to HDMI cable, I've used it on another phone without error. I tried it from my Surface RT to the TV - flawless. I tried it from two DIFFERENT Hudl 2 devices... flaky. You have to wiggle the micro end to make it work, and hold it at an angle. I thought I'd let you guys know that you may well have HDMI out issues with Hudl 2, as it works without issue on my other devices.
  15. Listen, thank you, appreciate the thought. Have a nice weekend :)
  16. Every time I check this forum, it reaffirms why I abandoned the device after just 48 hours. I got a bad feeling about the quality control of the Hudl 2, and why I returned it for a refund. No regrets at all, judging by the sheer breadth and increasing number of complaints seen here. PS: Yes, I'm allowed to have this opinion.
  17. Flashing wrong images and making mistakes, bricking something (or temporarily believing you have) is good for the character, and teaches one to be self sufficient, as making such mistakes increases the need to rectify them, and then you get your hands dirty by doing so, learning new skills along the way. It's the same with taking things apart - I've been doing it since I was 5 years old, and yes - I've made lots of mistakes and had to throw a few things away, but if you're interested enough in how things work to want to modify and experiment with them, the learning process of making scary mistakes and thinking you've destroyed something, is a healthy way to learn invaluable skills - gradually you become self sufficient and pick things up rather quicker than you did beforehand. This whole attitude of "if you don't know what you're doing, leave it alone" is a complete nonsense - it strengthens character and independence to be able to hack and repair things yourself by deduction, based on experience gained by what's been the case from past projects. Go ahead and take risks; If something breaks, relish the opportunity you've been given to educate yourself in hands on repair and don't be out off by FUD merchants online, who cause you to depend on them by implying they've been imparted some "divine knowledge", the likes of which only they are blessed with. Anyone can learn these skills, you've just got to want to (obviously). A prime example is the fact that many men know the intricacies and complex rules of computer games, but don't even know how to wire a simple 3 pin mains plug! I'm sure you don't all want to follow poorly written "tutorials" all your lives, surely?
  18. It's a good job you're not forced into using it, then ;)
  19. They'll say: "Thank you; every little helps" :P
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