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  1. Good idea if Skype can somehow work with this?
  2. Donated. Good cause Paul. Congrats on reaching the total.
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/?dzkgwommrnh Done
  4. Flash a different radio version than the one that you have. That's probably the problem. You probably have the one ending in .11 which doesn't work with Orange SIMs. The best one for Orange IMO is the one ending in .14. I think they have it over at xda. Apologies for the ambiguity and lack of links.
  5. Orange said to me "it might get fixed this week" for my area. Excellent.
  6. Is this just today? Their GPRS has been out for most of the day
  7. Anyone else not able to see the kitchen in Paul's posts? Is there any way to rectify this. I experience the problem in both IE and Firefox. I don't have/want Chrome.
  8. Thanks ri2la, used that to get every contacts twitter. I do prefer Seesmic though. These apps are definitely going to keep me satisfied until the Droid/Milestone 2 or Nexus 2 is released.
  9. Hi, I just installed the rooted 2.1 ROM and as this is the first 2.1 ROM I've used I wondered whether there were any "essential" apps that lacked 1.5 support. I mainly use my Hero for web browsing, Twitter, occasionally Facebook and sometimes games. I don't care about GoogleBuzz whatsoever.
  10. Do I need to partition my SD card for this ROM in the same way I do for MCR? Also, as an Orange UK user, are there many things I would need to change upon first installing this ROM? many thanks
  11. If I learned anything from previously owning a Blackberry; where leaks appear all the time, its that taking each and every leak and upgrading to it becomes boring and not waiting for a full, "proper" release often leaves you disheartened with what you've managed to get in the leak. As hard as it is to wait for a full GSM release of 2.1 for the Hero, I know that when it is out there I can rely on somebody like Paul to take some time over making it the best it can be. Plus, it can't be much longer before we see a release can it?.........
  12. Hi, just a quick heads up if you are a UK user currently using a @googlemail.com account. If you switch to @gmail.com (which was possible from yesterday IIRC) then you will be unable to access emails/app market downloading and probably other stuff. The only way I know to rectify this is to restore your phone and enter the @gmail.com address at the set up stage. However, you can just NOT switch to @gmail.com.
  13. byakkotai

    htc mail app

    The stock HTC Mail app? It sucks pretty hard, I have begun to use K-9 Mail(Available on the market) which seems to offer a much better service.
  14. Would anyone be shocked to see a "Orange has announced an update coming December for the HTC Hero at ....", can't wait for the MCR version.
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