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  1. Good idea, I launched Kies and after updating itself, found out the latest version was JVQ. Updating to this version restored all my icons :) Thanks!
  2. My phone seems to have lost its memory. Everyone I click "Remember this choice" it doesn't, ie, when creating a calendar event I get two dialogs. Several games reset everything to defaults everytime I switch the phone on/off, and now I've lost several of the icons along the bottom of the screen, only having 'Phone' and 'Applications' left! So I think it's time to reset everything to factor defaults, but I really don't want to lose all the installed applications or application data. Is there a way to do this? Don't care if I have to root. Software: XXJVO
  3. Samsung could give it a new identity, you could send it to them, but it's pretty useless to you unless you have the same remanufacturing tools.
  4. It can probably be fixed, but whether or not it can be fixed by you is another thing, which is probably what they are thinking. Probably easier to just send you a new phone and request your old one back for repair. If they didn't ask for the old one back, then yes, it's weird. When you say only the buttons at the bottom light up, what do you mean? As soon as you put the battery in? Or do you have to press the power button first? If the later, do the recovery or download options work?
  5. Solved using SpeedMod :-)
  6. I've updated to 2.2 Official using Kies (no reg hacks) Now sometimes my phone vibrates and then either pops up the dialog box with "Force close" button on it, or simply freezes, requiring me to remove the battery. Dodgy phone, dodgy flash or dodgy firmware? FW is JPO/JPP.
  7. Latest official firmware is dated October this year, Froyo 2.2, consisting of: PDA: JPO Phone: JPP CSC: JPO
  8. Typically, when this happens, you have to reinstall the rom due to db corruption.
  9. After updating to JPO/JPP/JPO (PDA/PHONE/CSC) is it necessary to install a lag fix? By "necessary" I mean does the phone work substantially quicker than if you don't install one, like on 2.1.
  10. Strange. I had too many attempts at the pattern screen before, so it locked me out. So I just logged into my google account and changed the pattern. Or do/did you have a different problem?
  11. I've just tried Kies on my UK I9000. It said "Firmware update available", so I clicked "Update" and after a few caution windows, it download and installed OK. Whats even better is that all my applications and data have been kept intact !
  12. Anyone else got without patching registry/phone/etc ? I forget when this was promised now. I understand provider-specific ROMs will be slower, but my phone was bought sim-free and says XEU, so I thought maybe official update would work. Phone revision is I9000XXJF3 on a GT-I9000HKDXEU. Kies just says "Firmware update is available", then I click it and it says "This firmware can not be updated."
  13. I'm a newb on Samsung ROMs, can't I download the official version and root it rather than these leaked and patched versions? I'm willing to wait if it's not released yet. I don't want to test beta-version ROMs.
  14. I might be wrong, but I thought upward syncing of Calendar information only worked for Google products, so you sync'ed with Google and then had another piece of software which sync'd both directions between Google<->Outlook. Or at least that's what I've heard.
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